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Magento Integration Epicor ERP for the Retail Industry

Magento Epicor ERP integration for Retail
Epicor ERP system is a completely unified retail administration system designed for businesses of many shapes and sizes. With this integrated software, companies can easily connect all departments and increase their functional efficiency in order to enhance their development and improve profit margins. With the Epicor ERP implemented in your Magento store, an array of opportunities will emerge for you and your business, such as:


  • The capacity to enhance inventory supervision for advanced profits and an optimized return on goods and services.
  • Increase financial direction with consolidated accounting and real-time data and analytics available through dashboards.
  • Provide personalized customer experience to promote consumer loyalty, long-term appreciation, and increase sales revenue.
  • The potential to expand your business to various channels with compelling mobile accessories and advanced online resolutions.
  • Communicate with new consumers while maintaining existing customer identities and relationships.
  • Update responsiveness encouraging enhanced customer recognition.
  • Establish a profoundly mobilized sales drive.
  • Automate retailing and marketing messaging pursuits.
  • Deliver customized customer experiences.
  • Integrated multi-channel and cross-business communication and collaboration systems to boost customer service avenues.


Amidst the variety of features, the following are the kernel ingredients of the Epicor ERP solution program for retail enterprises.


E-Commerce Software


  • Retail E-Commerce can increase sales by reaching a larger number of customers and by providing shoppers with the ease and comfort of doing their shopping online.


  • With a consolidated online storefront and in-store platform, any type of alterations in product stock and price are directly changed and displayed in your e-store.


  • The incorporation of electronically managed and fulfilled statements, invoices, and purchase records enables businesses to instantly receive email invoices and financial statements and purchase reports and deliver them accordingly to consumers and merchants.


  • Data Feeds present everything you’d like consumers to know about your business’ inventory and available promotions, so shoppers don’t miss out on savings and you don’t miss out on a sale.


  • More and more consumers like to research products online, so with an online catalog an Epicor ERP solution provides, your business can easily help consumers find what products they need and acquire new customers who value the convenience of online shopping.


Retail POS Systems


Point-of-sale retail programs can enhance the consumer purchasing experience, so having a system with the capacity to deliver quickly and more efficiently while working with other systems and sales outlets can be an asset to your business. This software contains touchscreen POS tools and devices, customer-facing presentations, and enables the use of electronic signatures, which can drastically reduce checkout duration.


With advanced mobile technology permitting line busting when optimal, customers can ask for emailed receipts at their convenience. The financial administration system is completely connected with the POS platform, inventory management, and other retail actions. Personalized and customized elements on the Epicor POS system such as intuitive navigation, menus, easy to manage screens, and high-level Support Bars will help increase customer satisfaction across all channels and arenas.


The Mobile POS system is a fully wireless, handheld checkout feature, allowing your sales associates to bring the cash register and POS system right to the customer rather than making the customer come to them.


The Epicor ERP integration solution system can further promote retail enterprises as they aim to capture and delight customers over a wide array of channels and markets, making this system as a chief integration selection for your Magento retail market and website. Get the Epicor ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento Site today.



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