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Magento Integration Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the Advertising and Digital Marketing Industry

Magento Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration for Advertising and Digital Marketing
The advertising and marketing industry must accommodate several challenges specific to their industry. Having the tools to handle financial resources, produce creative content, and adhere to the frequently changing needs of the clients is imperative to the long-term prosperity of an agency. To achieve growth and development, an agency must select the best business management software, with the ability to handle their daily routines and adhere to the ever-changing assortment of industry needs, so everyone involved can focus their time, energy and additional resources to create material and serve their clients.


Microsoft Dynamics can assist advertising and marketing agencies who need a flexible and intuitive business management system to optimize the potential of goal-driven companies. This cloud-based platform can offer agencies the capacity to:


  • Enact comprehensive visibility across every division of your agency
  • Optimize important job and cost management processes
  • Enhance the use of creative talent using resourcing procedures to optimize work flow levels
  • Obtain important insights and information about the work performance of customers, finances, and all resources available



Highlighted Features


Designed to adhere to the obligations of a goal-oriented business, the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution assists advertising and marketing agencies to:

  • Unify finances and customers into a single system to reduce repetition, increase the accuracy of information, and enhance underlying levels of production.


  • Handle intricate international financial processes with the use of a strong accounting management suite.


  • Incorporate talent, increase utilization levels and properly schedule resources allocation and requirements with built-in HCM and resource obtaining capacities.


  • Craft and implement well-informed decisions with the help of real-time memory, accounting, and data distribution across all departments.


  • Improve collaboration and with the incorporation of integrated team productivity and collaboration tools.


  • Optimize established processes and practices to produce higher levels of efficiency and modernize important procedures across many areas of an agency





The Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform helps your employees handle all elements of an agency’s functions, including billing, sales client account administration and resource planning, all the while providing the agency with the information needed to make the best business decisions. This comprehensive business management solution can assist your agency in the following ways:


  • Handle and adjust for changes and development


  • With new service introduction approaches, as well as methods for planning and record keeping, mergers and procurement, agencies can make alterations and re-establish their processes to accommodate the changing of their market environment.


  • Optimize production and work flow with the use of numerous essential productivity tools in accordance with business area needs and context.


  • Increase business intelligence with the capacity to direct staff members to make use of real-time business tools, built into an agency’s methods and procedures, to promote the accumulation of vital analytics.


  • Promote high standards for business practices with the adoption of pre-determined industry best practices to increase the quality and productivity levels within all areas of your agency.


The Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution can single-handedly alter your advertising or marketing agency by facilitating the comprehensive integration of all areas and systems, making it easy for your company to make strides toward optimizing client satisfaction and overall profits. Get Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.




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