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Magento Integration SPS Commerce for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Magento SPS Commerceintegration for Wholesale and Distribution
Businesses in the wholesale and distribution industry face challenges with inventory management, shopping expenses, manual data entry, delay losses, and countless other issues inherent to the industry. Though many distributors know incorporating the latest technology into their business operations may be a way to overcome these hurdles, they don’t know how these processes will work after the technology is implemented within their systems. With the use of SPS Commerce software, distribution and manufacturing companies who transform their operations with software can reduce the amount of human error while centralizing order processes. This system allows companies to complete orders quicker by making the following changes to their operations:


Exchange electronic and standardized invoices

  • Make order and shipment confirmations to associates and buyers
  • Enhance the visibility of their inventory and shipment processes
  • Create automatic validation for invoice payments
  • Exchange information about shipments prior to the process with advance ship notification
  • React quicker to recalls and problems with order tracking with the use of data codes, box and carton tracking, and route numbers
  • Handle merchandise content in a standardized format with a catalog accessible over the internet


Key Benefits


Providing automatic order processing and inventory administration, SPS commerce can consolidate the functions and strengthen the productivity of a business, while cutting production expenses. Some of the key advantages distribution and manufacturing companies have seen with the use of this integrated solution include:


  • Less time spent holding stock and overall decreased inventory holding costs
  • The ability to react faster to order and shipment problems before their corresponding delivery dates
  • New partners and associates can set up their orders electronically at a faster rate
  • Automatic configuration and reconciliation of errors and inconsistencies between items invoiced and items delivered
  • Improved capacity to communicate with associates, divisions, suppliers, and factory sources for proper planning
  • Decreased number of accidents and errors
  • Enhanced order accuracy
  • Decreased amount of manual order procedures
  • Decreased costs due to less resources required for order processing, IT, and finance areas
  • Automatic order to cash procedures
  • Replacement of large paper produced and printed catalogs with internet-based merchandise content catalogs and promotional materials.


Why SPS Commerce?


Many distribution and manufacturing businesses decide to use the SPS Commerce platform for the following reasons:


  • SPS Commerce is both reliable and completely focused on the industries of retail and supply chain management
  • Has the title of the most used network solution for supply chain administration
  • Contains the largest data exchange and trading community
  • Offers state of the art technology and innovative features
  • Maintains a powerful data entry center able to manage any surges in business during holidays and other busy seasons
  • SPS Commerce system optimizes their ability to interact with associates and partners with the use of standardized electronic transactions
  • Provides high-quality support staff to assist businesses in times of need
  • Has a system of experts who have extensive experience with onboarding


The SPS Commerce software empowers businesses in the distribution and manufacturing industry to transport data electronically, clarifying communications between systems and drastically improving business operations overall. Get SPS Commerce integration solution executed on your Magento site today.




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