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Magento With Epicor ERP Integration

Integrate Epicor ERP with Magento
Effective decision making can be the main factor in your e-commerce business’s growth. Epicor ERP allows you to quickly access data and robust analytics to streamline your processes, rather than using manual methods of compiling data and pulling conclusions. When you integrate Epicor into your Magento website, you can streamline that process even further. For your integration needs, reach out to best Magento developer Forix.


Achieving High Profitability With Epicor ERP


Epicor’s ERP solution gives you quick access to the key performance indicators you need for the products in your e-commerce website. These KPIs serve as the foundation for tracking your success and making informed decisions about what to add to your next strategies and what to pull, as well as where to enhance your store. Whatever data you have, Epicor has the capacity to access what you need, when you need it.


The built-in analytics further save you time and provide critical information. The predictive analytics can also give you a picture of the potential impacts of your business changes, both for making informed decisions and properly optimizing your inventory. There are even tools to help you analyze the pricing of your products and services for boosting customer satisfaction to achieve maximum profitability.


Bringing Magento and Epicor Together


To get the most out of Epicor with your Magento store, you’ll want to integrate these systems, so they can access each other’s information. This will not only set the stage for more accurate reflections of data, but also give you the way to have the most up-to-date analytics ready to consider. Consolidating your components also cuts away the risk of error, both on the internal and customer sides of operations.


Up-to-date information of your inventory and analyzed sales helps you cut wasted inventory costs from unnecessary stock, while more easily speeding up the processing and customer delivery processes. This will help create satisfied customers who are likely to return to your business for additional orders. As your profits grow, Epicor’s accurate financial reports can enable you to continue making the best decisions for your company moving forward.


Integrating Epicor ERP with Your Magento Website


You’ll need one of the compatible versions of the ERP to integrate Epicor into your Magento store. Forix’s top Magento developer team can quickly evaluate your systems and prepare the best strategy for seamless integration of your tools. With the appropriate levels of foresight, planning, and onboarding from Forix, you can rest assured the process will go smoothly as our implementation experts get to work.


Our Magento managed services team brings the skill and efficiency you need to enhance your website. If you need a custom integration solution to better meet your goals, we’ll work to ensure you get all the features you need to successfully bring the best out of Epicor and your Magento store. Discover the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager by talking to a Forix specialist.

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