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Mirasvit Integration with Magento

Integrate Mirasvit with magento
Mirasvit is a leading provider of Magento extensions for e-commerce stores. Offering a wide variety of solutions aimed to enhance the functionality of Magento online shops, Mirasvit software has helped businesses of all sizes and in numerous industries. Mirasvit extensions give companies the chance to provide benefits to their customers and save money at the same time with extensions that improve a range of store capabilities, such as advanced Magento search, customer care and support, reports and search engine optimization, performance optimization, and sales motivation.


Mirasvit supplies sales, marketing, and retail companies in all industries with the opportunity to improve their conversion rates with advanced sales motivation extensions. No matter what products your business sells, Mirasvit’s innovative sales solutions can help take your business to the next level of success with site enhancement features including store credit and refunds, advanced newsletters, gift registry, follow-up email, reward points, advanced product feeds, referral programs, merchandise labels, video products, promotional offers, banner management systems, and more.


Mirasvit’s modules are easy to install and come with the ability to support several stores and languages. Every one of Mirasvit’s extensions comes with a step-by-step instructional guide you can use as a reference as you become familiar with the tool’s features. Mirasvit’s extensions are also highly adjustable and customizable, which gives you the opportunity to tailor your website’s features to suit your company’s specific needs. If this sounds overwhelming, Forix’s Magento Managed Support team has got you covered- don’t worry.


If you are wondering how to strengthen your e-commerce site, consider all the ways Mirasvit can further your insight into your customers, boost your website’s conversion rate, and improve customer support. Mirasvit extensions provide advanced analytics reporting, SEO monitoring and reporting and help desk MX tools to help you gain actionable insights into the customer desires and provide your online customers with exceptional support services.


Learn How to Integrate Mirasvit With Magento


Forix has extensive experience with all types of Magento extensions and can help complete your Mirasvit integration as smoothly as possible. With Magento managed services with Forix, you can optimize your e-commerce store to set the foundation for ongoing success. Get in touch with Forix today to access the benefits of a Mirasvit integration with Magento.


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