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5 tips to use e-commerce optimization for fashion e-commerce

It is a known fact that e-commerce optimisation services can offer e-commerce businesses marvellous results. How does e-commerce optimization work for fashion e-commerce? To put it into perspective, the fashion ecommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing online industries with the global fashion ecommerce market value being $821 billion.

That being said, this industry is very competitive. Thus, you should ensure that your e-commerce website Is equipped to handle the needs of customers and offer them something out of the ordinary but relevant.

5 ways in which e-commerce optimization helps your fashion e-commerce website:

Ecommerce optimization services are particularly specific for fashion brands. Let’s explore these five ways where fashion websites can benefit from ecommerce optimization.

  1. Innovative Presentation of Products

    To combat your customer’s fear of not being able to feel the texture of your fabrics you should incorporate real-life experiences as closely as you can.
    How so? You can make use of Innovative visualisation methods such as 360-degree product images, a catwalk to show customers how clothing might look like walking, and a zoom-in option for customers to see the texture of the fabrics, along with fine cuts, pockets and patterns.

  2. Presence of Care and Handling Sections

    Customers appreciate when fashion e-commerce websites put information regarding the care of fabrics on their websites. This allows customers to retain the quality of their favourite clothing from your website for a prolonged period.
    You can choose to add information such as how to clean it, how to iron it or store it, or if it’s waterproof.

  3. Information regarding fit and features

    Not all clothing types suit every person out there and e-commerce websites should try to convey how their clothing might look to people with different build and heights. You can choose to put the model’s height on the product information pages so that customers can compare their height to the models to visualise how a dress might look.
    Make sure to add sufficient information regarding the clothing be it model height, sleeve length, garment length, pockets and collars and the features of the fabrics.

  4. Use of product stories

    Making use of storytelling to convey a story around the product is one of the best strategies that e-commerce websites can use to keep the attention of their customers.
    Human beings are fundamentally storytelling beings. Thus, you can tell your customers about the idea behind clothing or how the fabric used to make the clothing was sourced.

  5. Easy availability of size guides

    When it comes to online shopping the most common problem that customers face is size issues. Thus, you should consider displaying as much information as you can regarding the sizes of your clothing. Additionally, you can also present all forms of sizes used around the globe be it UK size, US size or Europe. This way your customers would easily be able to choose the right clothing hassle-free.
    In case you require more assistance with your optimization efforts you can choose to seek help from reputed ecommerce optimization services agencies.

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