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Increase Engagement in Your Online Apparel Store

increase engagement on apparel website
Increased engagement leads to more sales for your online apparel store. With Magento managed support by Forix, you can be sure your customers are receiving the highest quality experience on your website and they will be returning for future purchases. Here are a few ways to increase engagement on your site.


Live Chat


More than half of all customers online prefer to speak in real-time with a live chat agent rather than call customer service. Customers can connect to an agent at any time of day or night to answer their questions about an item of apparel. Magento managed support can handle all of the details for adding live chat to your online apparel store.


Seller Reviews


90% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Adding real customer reviews to your site shows exactly how real users of the product felt upon receiving their product. If a negative review appears, it also gives the business owner another opportunity to reach out and make it right with the customer. Intensifying site visitors’ reactions to a product boosts sales and increases your return on investment (ROI).


Out of Stock


There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a product, thinking everything is ready to ship, and then receiving a notification that the item is no longer in stock. By showing customers real-time notifications, they can engage with the live chat or send an email asking when the product will return. They can also sign up for automatic email notifications. Magento ongoing support with Forix will set up everything you need to keep your customers in the know. Let our Magento agency automate the process for you, avoiding those frustrating moments.


SMS Integration


Send relevant information to your customers via text message or SMS. Shoppers love to receive real-time data for when their item will arrive, newsletter subscriptions, order updates and more. This quick-response tool boosts the immediate connection between business and customer, reminding the customer to check in. Every level of connection strengthens the relationship, solidifying a future engagement. Let Forix take care of all the details with Magento managed services. Our team has the skills and the knowledge to add this important feature right to your site.


Secure Payments


A secure payment system is a must for any online apparel store. Magento support services can help you keep your customers’ information safe from cyber attacks. All it takes is one breach of security to lose the trust of your customers. Professionals like Forix use the First Data Global Gateway e4 for maximum protection. It is a flexible solution, allowing merchants to offer secure transactions by not storing any information and encrypting the information sent for payment.

Loyalty Program

71% of customers say a loyalty program is a meaningful part of the connection with a particular brand. Loyalty programs increase customer engagement by rewarding return customers with special offers. With Magento support services, customers can earn rewards points toward each purchase, redeemable for future purchases. The merchant can set up the parameters of the rewards program to either be completely digital or give the customer a paper reward.


Spending the time to increase engagement will only benefit your brand in the long run. Using Magento support services by Forix will create a strong community to support your business. Get the most out of your Adobe Magento website with Forix.

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