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Adobe Experience Manager Can Enhance Your CRO Efforts

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a revolutionary digital commerce and content marketing suite with countless extensions and implementations that businesses can tailor to their exact preferences. If you’re concerned about conversion rate optimization in Magento, the team at Forix can help you better understand the tools available in AEM and capitalize on them.


Conversion Rate Optimization and AEM


Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) entails back-end changes to your website that improve functionality and boost page loading speeds. On the front end, other CRO-related changes you can make include visual changes for better user experiences and adjustments to your product catalog, pricing, and shipping options. Magento performance optimization efforts improve the performance of your site, keeping it competitive, reliable, and useable on a variety of digital devices. These improvements ultimately boost your conversion rate.


The AEM is so valuable because of the sheer amount of customization and control it offers modern eCommerce sites. The AEM can play a major role in your Magento conversion rate optimization efforts because the Magento platform works seamlessly with AEM. The AEM can also implement other digital assets, content management systems, and customer information resources to develop a comprehensive digital control network for all aspects of your eCommerce platform.


Benefits of the AEM


The AEM allows businesses to track various digital assets and platforms through a single intuitive interface. However, configuring the AEM to your business’s exact needs can be a significant challenge and expense without professional assistance. You can also implement your own proprietary applications with some help, and Forix is available to assist in this effort. Our system architects can review your existing IT environment to look for any issues that could arise among your AEM features, digital assets, eCommerce platform, and content management system.


Developing a robust AEM environment for your digital assets will naturally improve your conversion rate. Magento site performance optimization is just one aspect; you will have control over the various aspects of your eCommerce platform and content delivery system to allow you to adapt to changing customer habits, new market trends, and roll out new products with added confidence thanks to easily digestible market analysis and strategic recommendations from your team at Forix.


This process starts with a careful development plan. Assessing your current IT environment, identifying possible compatibility issues among your digital assets, and learning the AEM control system are all crucial steps in this process. Another crucial step is testing; Forix will help you develop a pilot site so you can locate and address any issues before rolling out the AEM suite for your main site.


If you have more questions about how AEM can assist your CRO efforts, reach out to an expert at Forix.

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