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Adobe Commerce Cloud vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud


The foundation of your online business relies on your preferred e-commerce platform. Therefore, your business success heavily relies on the platform that you choose.
Adobe Commerce Cloud previously known as Magento Cloud accounts for 12% of all online stores globally. Whereas 23.4% of all Salesforce commerce cloud stores are present in the US. Thus, being informed about the capabilities of these platforms can help you pick out the appropriate platform.

What are the differences between Adobe Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Let’s explore the key points that differentiate Adobe Commerce Cloud from Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This way, you can decide which is suitable – Adobe Commerce Cloud Migration or Salesforce.

1. Platform Type

When it comes to Adobe Commerce, the platform has two versions: an on-premise and a cloud version. It is open-source and highly customizable so you will have full control of the platform and its features. It supports businesses from small to medium and enterprise level. It is a platform as a service.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud is available as Software as a service. Unlike Adobe Commerce it is entirely hosted on Salesforce cloud. It has limited customization capabilities. It is usually distributed in two versions: Salesforce B2C commerce and Salesforce B2B commerce.

2. Flexibility

Magento is an open-source platform which means that it offers a lot of flexibility to developers and store owners. It is the perfect option when you face an increased customer demand. You can also make use of third-party extensions to add new functionalities.
Salesforce doesn’t allow a lot of customization and flexibility. It offers critical integration like payment gateways and marketing tools. It is the perfect option for businesses that do not require a lot of customizations to function optimally.

3. Hosting

Hosting can affect a lot of factors such as performance, security, and website scalability. Thus, you should choose a good platform that offers good hosting.
Adobe Commerce allows you to choose a hosting that is suitable to your business requirements. You can choose to let Adobe handle your hosting or you can choose self-hosting. Added features such as Auto scaling and PCI compliance for transactions are readily available on this platform.
Salesforce ensures to handle your hosting for you. Thus, they handle the entire process of selecting, setting up as well as management, maintenance, and support.

4. Mobile-Friendly Experience

A whopping $431 billion in revenue was generated by retail mobile commerce sales in 2022 and nearly one out of three American customers use their mobile devices to make a purchase.
Adobe Commerce Cloud offers you the opportunity to turn your website into PWA. This ensures that your websites work across all devices and operating systems. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option.
Salesforce offers you the opportunity to optimize your website for mobile phones using third-party tools. However, you will have to develop separate apps for Android and iOS. The cost of development for this option may be high.


Thus, you can make improved decisions regarding your Adobe Commerce Cloud migration or salesforce migration with the above-mentioned insights.

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