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What are some of the common configuration issues usually seen in Adobe commerce sites?


Running an e-commerce website comes with its fair share of problems. While adobe commerce opens up avenues for businesses small and large quite often lack of regular maintenance can cause configuration issues.
Configuration issues seldom arise right after a patch is installed, after the implementation of a new extension or when changes are made to a website. These issues can go unchecked and cause a lot of problems later for website owners and visitors alike.

How bad can configuration issues go?

  • Unchecked configuration issues can promote your site to crash during excessive website traffic to your website.
  • It can also lead to slow leading pages which makes your customer 41% more likely to abandon your website.
  • It may also take your team an excessive amount of time to perform routine maintenance tasks.
  • It can expose your website to security threats and PCI compliance issues.

What are some common adobe commerce configuration issues?

1. Reduction in website performance due to uncacheable content

This issue usually occurs when websites fail to cache private content blocks. When you keep on creating customized and personalized shopping experiences for your customers it becomes crucial for your developers to efficiently cache private content for quick retrieval.
Caching is a very important procedure as it improves the overall performance of your website. Thus, any reduction in the performance of your website can be traced back to uncacheable content.
You can solve this issue by making your private blocks cacheable again. Firstly, you can check if your blocks are rendered as private content and then ensure that the _isScopePrivate variable is no longer used in your codes.

2. Security or performance issues due to a lack of patch implementation.

If your end-of-service deadline has passed your website may experience performance issues. This is why it is best to keep up with the security patches and use supported versions of Adobe Commerce.
Adobe makes sure to provide optimum security and performance and addresses vulnerabilities. This way you can boost sales by improving customer experience while protecting your website and reaping the benefits of new features, functionalities and enhancements.
You can easily fix this issue by upgrading your commerce website version to the supported version.

3. PCI compliance and security issues due to using outdated or inappropriate software versions.

The smooth functioning of any Adobe commerce website is the underlying technical stack services software. This software is supported by Adobe and is essential to run your digital storefront seamlessly.
Thus, when any of these software goes out of date you may be exposing your website to security threats. Alternatively, you may also fail your next PCI compliance audit.

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Thus, you should try to prevent this issue from happening by keeping your technical services stack up to date at all times.
In case you require more assistance with your Adobe Commerce Cloud development or configuration you should consider seeking help from a reputed development agency. 

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