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ChannelAdvisor Integration with Magento

Magento and ChannelAdvisor are both e-commerce platforms that businesses use to meet different goals. More than 200,000 retailers around the world use Magento as their online store and shopping cart. It offers an open-source Community Edition available free when users supply their own hosting. Its rich ecosystem of outside developers and designers supplies easily customized templates and extensions. It’s used by small businesses and large companies like S’well and Yakima. ChannelAdvisor offers a platform for synchronizing products and inventory data across channels. Integrating ChannelAdvisor with Magento sites enables the two to share data.




ChannelAdvisor supports online sales channels like Amazon, Google Shopping and Ebay. It allows businesses to customize offerings so consumers can find them from anywhere. ChannelAdvisor makes e-commerce easier with a number of capabilities.


The software’s Re-Pricer allows businesses to set maximum and minimum prices per item, then automate comparisons. ChannelAdvisor searches for the same item on competitor sites and adjusts pricing accordingly. When ChannelAdvisor and Magento are integrated, the price change automatically updates on your e-commerce site.


ChannelAdvisor allows products and sales data from multiple channels to be displayed on one screen. Users view errors and financial issues through the dashboard. Integration allows users to view Magento data at the same time as feedback from Amazon and Shopify.


ChannelAdvisor also offers feedback on what ads result in conversions. Identify effective keywords for more effective marketing through both ChannelAdvisor and Magento. If an item runs out of stock, both platforms will automatically stop running ads so you aren’t paying to market orders you can’t fulfill. Sync catalogs regularly and view shipment tracking updates in almost real time from one location.


ChannelAdvisor Integration Experts

ChannelAdvisor has a high price tag, so you want your organization to receive the maximum benefit from its features and capabilities. Forix specializes in Magento website development, and our connector ensures bi-directional data exchange between your e-commerce store and your ChannelAdvisor platform. Talk to our experienced, certified Magento Managed Support team to plan your integration today.




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