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A Detailed Introduction to Magento Front End Developers


The arena of Magento development has changed drastically since the introduction of Magento 2 on November 17, 2015. Once valid, front-end certifications and frameworks have since then become obsolete.
By 2020 the web environment started seeing an increase in websites and services that were using reactive programming. The main purpose of using Reacting programming was to create PWAs to deliver superior user interfaces on mobile devices. This is where Magento front-end Developers come into place.

Who are Magento Developers?

  • Magento e-commerce developers are responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving the e-commerce websites of their clients.
  • As of 2023, there are more than 13,000 companies and agencies that provide Magento-based solutions. Additionally, there are 300,000 trained Magento developers worldwide providing robust solutions to help e-commerce businesses excel.
  • Before Magento 2 hiring any Magento developer would have helped you with your development but now Magento developers have segregated into two kinds:
    Back End Developers
    Front End Developers

Who are Magento Front-End Developers?

The role and responsibilities of a Magento front-end developer vary from one business to another. However, their primary role is to create a user interface on ReactJS. Additionally, they create customized Magento themes, templates and layouts. Moreover, they are also responsible for modifying the appearance of certain pages and adding design-related configurations.

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How to choose an experienced Magento Front-End Developer?

As mentioned above the number of Magento agencies and professionals is rising day by day. This is why choosing an experienced Magento Front -end developer can be a taxing procedure. However, if you keep the below-mentioned points in mind it can make the selection procedure easier: –

  1. Choose an experienced React.js developer: – Choosing an experienced professional comes with its advantages. Thus, an experienced front-end developer can help you build an appropriate PWA storefront on the JS framework.
    However, you should also consider hiring a professional Magento back-end developer to make sure that there are no issues on the server side of your website.
  2. Choose a skilled professional: – You should ensure that the developer that you are entrusting your website to is aware of at least one of the JavaScript frameworks so that they can create UI components for web as well as mobile apps.
    They should know common markup languages such as HTML and CSS. Lastly, they should be aware of Magento PWA studio tools and other Magento customization techniques that can help you in creating a PWA storefront.
  3. Choose a Magento full-stack developer: – This approach is preferred by small and middle-sized businesses. A Magento full-stack developer has strong expertise in Magento 2 and knows how to work with React.js. Moreover, they have several PWA projects on their portfolio so they have a lot of knowledge about how the Magento platform works.
  4. Choose Magento 2 Certified Front-End Developers: – These developers are certified by Magento and need to possess front-end expertise. They are equipped to handle UI/UX customizations and theming components.

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