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Why is Magento Website Development the perfect solution for your start-up?


Launching a new business has never been this easier. What makes launching a new business easy? With technological advancements, more people are not only choosing to shop online but also investing and starting their businesses and start-ups. Magento is your quick solution to opening your e-commerce website.

Why does your start-up require Magento Website Development?

1. Free to download and install

The Magento open-source version is free to download as well as install. This makes it the perfect option for business owners who would like to create an online store.
Magento statistics show that the platform is downloaded at least 5000 times a day and that amount has increased by 300% since 2018. It is also commonly preferred by US-based websites. Thus, it is trusted by businesses small and large.

2. Large Community

The Magento platform is used by roughly 240,000 live websites making it one of the largest ecommerce platforms.
The open-source platform has a large community of forum participants that can help you solve problems that your developers aren’t able to solve. Moreover, the forum can be quite helpful to you if you do not have technical expertise.
 As community members are updated with industry trends and technological advancements. Thus, any issue of yours will be solved in no time.

3. Vast availability of resources

As a Magento website owner you will have access to a vast collection of extensions, themes as well as services.  You can choose the most suitable theme and extensions to build the website that you require. Alternatively, you can choose pre-existing themes and free extensions to make the development process more seamless.

4. SEO Capabilities

Ranking higher in the search engine pages allows e-commerce websites to acquire more leads.
This is why Magento offers several forms of SEO-friendly features such as customizable URLs and content optimization. Furthermore, you can have control over the information that you would like to show on the search engine results pages via metadata.
This way you can increase the visibility of your website and acquire more customers.

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What determines Magento Website Development charges?

Given below are some factors that determine the Magento website development charges for your emerging start-up:

  • The cost of your Magento Website Development or Magento performance optimization service depends on the quantity and the complexity of the features, the functionality and the Magento Version.
  • The size of your start-up also determines your Magento Website Development Charges. While small and medium-sized businesses choose basic or custom website development larger businesses choose the enterprise version.
  • The amount of third-party and paid extensions you would like on your website.
  • The type of theme and design you would like for your website. Magento offers a lot of free themes but in case you would like to opt for customized themes you may have to invest more.
  • Maintenance is essential for seamless operation. Unlike the one-time cost of development, maintenance is a recurring investment.

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