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5 ways to optimize your Magento store performance


Is your Magento website taking a lot of time to load? Chances are your website is loaded with product images, customized tools, and third-party extensions that can reduce the performance of your store. Additionally, it can also reduce your mobile site visits by 53% if the loading speed is longer than 3 seconds. Moreover, if your website loading time is slow google can rank it lower on the search engine results pages.

What are the five ways through which you can optimize your Magento store performance?

1. Choosing a reliable hosting provider

Choosing an inappropriate Magento hosting can cause significant problems. It can cause security issues and will eventually cause performance issues as well.
That is why you should opt for a hosting provider that offers fast, secure and reliable service. In case you wouldn’t like to concentrate on growing your business you can choose a reliable managed hosting provider.
You should also ensure that your hosting provider and your server meet all the Magento system prerequisites.

2. Updating of Magento version

The most basic way to optimize your Magento store performance is to update your Magento store to the latest version. In case you are still using Magento 1, it would be highly beneficial to you if you choose to switch to Magento 2 as it offers seamless e-commerce solutions. The latest Magento updates offer bug fixes and new features so that your website can perform at its best at all times.

3. Updating of Indexers

Magento reduces the load time of your website while allowing you to work with bulk data.  The process is quite often considered imperfect as users need to manually update the indexers. There are two Magento indexers modes namely “Update on Save “ and “Update on Schedule”.
Update on Schedule is usually preferred as it restricts the indexing to one specific time and thus you can choose a specific period that is suitable for you to accomplish the task.

4. Inspect third-party extensions before choosing

Third-party extensions are preferred by a majority of Magento store owners. However, not all third-party extensions are of good quality this is why you should thoroughly inspect your third-party extensions. In case you would like to inspect the extensions that are already installed, you can do so by turning off every module, clearing the cache, and then analyzing if it impacts your website’s performance.

5. Optimization of Product Images

Quality images can provide an attractive look to your website but the image sizes can be quite large. This can impact the speed of your website.  you should make sure that the images of your Magento website are properly optimized and have the proper ratio between quality as well as size.

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You can choose the above-mentioned ways to optimize your Magento store performance. Alternatively, you can seek help from Magento speed optimization services to achieve desirable outcomes. These are more than five ways to optimize your Magento store performance, which our team can address with a more proficient approach. Feel free to connect with us to help optimize your Magento 2 website.

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