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Choosing Magento over other E-Commerce Solutions


E-Commerce trends have revolutionized online marketing. While there are many platforms out there that provide e-Commerce solutions, Magento is a front-running and well-loved program, used by big-name companies from all over the nation.

Shopping_Cart_clip_art_smallMagento Commerce is a stand-alone enterprise level e-commerce platform that has provided new definition and direction to millions of e-Commerce websites. It provides emphasis on the online store and merchandising of products/services. The business-oriented features play an important role for the development of an organization. There are no other platforms that provide greater flexibility, and at the same time provide full customization on the look and functionality of the site. The framework elements are carefully designed with greater accuracy and are structured to provide a platform that can be tailored according to the customer’s needs. Magento is constantly expanding its skilled development team to introduce new & exciting features, extensions, and modules to give the platform maximum usability.

It is designed to support all of the latest operating systems such as Windows, Linux and UNIX, making it compatible to any kind of end-user device. The e-Commerce websites that are designed using Magento operate seamlessly with any type of computer or smart phone.

Magento doesn’t stop with just providing you with an e-Commerce solution; it also offers fantastic Technical Product Support and maintenance by a skilled Magento development team. The Magento platform is available in the Enterprise edition for $8000 per year and the Community Edition is free. Community Edition is typically used by smaller (to medium) online stores because it lacks some of the functionality the Enterprise edition has.

What Makes Magento A Standalone e-Commerce Platform?

Here are some interesting features that make the magento e-Commerce platform stand out from other e-Commerce platforms:

  • Extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities
  • Product wish list/want list – not available in other platforms!
  • One page check-out without need for any customer registration
  • Product Q & A functionality
  • Ability to integrate customer-provided product tagging and enabling tag-based search for products/services
  • Add-on features like Gift Certificates
  • User-friendly Shopping Cart and secure payment mechanism
  • Support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Integration with search management tools
  • Customizable store appearance based on product or category levels
  • Product reviews/ratings
  • Ability to access recently-viewed products
  • Side-by-side product comparison and related items
  • Ability to share products with friends via e-mail
  • Blogging functionality and feedback forms
  • Contact Us forms
  • Real-time shipping rate lookup (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
  • Free Shipping options
  • Product image zoom functionality
  • Google Checkout
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Batch import/export of products
  • Single admin support for multiple online stores
  • Web logging statistics
  • Detailed reporting and charts on sales

Take a look at our Magento portfolio and give us a call to see how we can help you build your online store, today!

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