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Creating the Optimal Shopping Cart for CRO With Forix

Create Optimal Shopping Carts to increase CRO
The shopping cart and checkout process is where potential customers become buyers – and where cart abandonment is a huge risk. After all, a loaded online shopping cart doesn’t mean anything for your e-commerce business if it doesn’t turn into a conversion for your Magento website. Unfortunately, the online shopping model makes it much easier for customers to decide that they don’t want that item after all – without the same hassle as needing to return an item to the shelf.

That’s why your shopping cart and checkout experiences are one of the primary elements of strong CRO strategies. The Magento managed support team at Forix can help you build and implement the optimal shopping cart build to help increase your online store’s conversion rates.


Making the “Add to Cart” Process as Clear as Possible

Since your “add to cart” button is your call to action for your product pages, you should make it obvious how a customer will do just that. However, what’s just as important is what happens when they click that button. There should be no doubt in a customer’s mind that they’ve successfully obtained their item from the digital shelf, so to speak.

Popups that clearly confirm that the item has gone to the cart are one of your best options, as they reduce customer confusion and prevent clicking the “add to cart” button just to be sure (and potentially leading to a cart total that exceeds their expectations and breaking the sale). Providing options in your Magento website confirmation popup to view cart, complete purchase, or even continue shopping reduce any need to search for alternate options on the item page.

You can also automatically transfer the customer to the cart page. This strategy puts a customer even closer to completing a purchase, increasing the chances of that conversion. However, it may discourage searching for additional products, though you can also use this page to provide upsell options.


Displaying an Effective Cart Page

You want your cart pages to be as clear as possible. Customers should have no trouble identifying what items are in their cart (photos are the best choice) and how many they have. In addition, making any changes, like adjusting the quantity of an item or removing a product, should be simple.

Aside from the cart contents, you also need to have your CTAs clearly displayed. Since a customer may have a very large cart, putting a CTA before the list and one after. This way customers can quickly checkout after reviewing their options without needing to scroll all the way back to the top.

Providing reminders of payment options and estimated shipping costs will provide straightforward pricing with no surprises. Some customers make it all the way to the final stages of the checkout process but abandon their carts thanks to extra charges. Avoid this problem by displaying as close to the final cost as you can as early in your cart as possible. The Magento managed services team can help you build and implement the optimal shopping cart build to help increase your online store’s conversion rates.


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