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Design Your BigCommerce Site

BigCommerce provides not just a platform for your online store, but also several other integrations and tools to help boost your business. When you optimize these resources for your eCommerce website, you can see a positive effect on your brand reputation and sales. The eCommerce website developers at Forix can help you build your best possible store, freeing up your time to focus on running your business.


Engage Shoppers With Premium Website Design

When it comes to your online store, you want a design that captures your customers’ attention and promotes your brand while still being easy to navigate and encouraging sales. Forix’s skilled developers can dive into BigCommerce’s available themes and perform the advanced customization necessary to make your website stand out amongst the competition.


Drive Sales With Mobile Responsive Design

More online shoppers than ever before are completing their purchases on mobile, and your website needs to be ready to serve them. BigCommerce websites already feature fully responsive designs and mobile optimized checkout and payment options. Forix takes these features a step further to make sure every aspect of your store is perfect, no matter what device a customer visits it on.


Enhance Your Customer Experience With Integrated Apps

BigCommerce’s connection to business apps and integrations can help give your online store an edge when it comes to attracting customers, making sales, completing shipping, and even streamlining your backend operations. Whether you want to make use of an available option or need a custom-built integration to fulfil your business goals, Forix will connect what you need to your website and keep it operational.


Keep Your Site in Top Shape

While Forix can help you with all stages of designing, developing, and updating your store, our services don’t stop there. Always have a ready developer team to help you keep your website optimized for business and handle any problems that may arise.

We know any complications or downtime can hurt your business, so we always provide fast, efficient support solutions that solve your issue the first time. Keeping an eye on your eCommerce website has never been easier.


Enlist Top Development Agency Forix to Build Your BigCommerce Website

Your online store reflects your brand and your direct connection to customers. When you don’t think carefully about its design and development, you can do more harm to your business than help. The top developers at Forix have extensive experience building and maintaining eCommerce websites, and we perform to the very best industry standards with every job we do.

When you’re planning on running your online store through BigCommerce, count on Forix to create a website that fits your brand and attracts customers. We make sure your business takes advantage of all BigCommerce’s features to help boost sales, spread your reach, and keep your online store in top shape.

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