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DevOps and Magento

DevOps and Magento
DevOps is the unification of development approaches, operations, and tools aimed to improve an organization’s capacity to present products and services at an accelerated pace. This velocity empowers organizations to improve their service and remain on the leading edge of their market.


When operating with a DevOps approach, development and processing teams are usually consolidated into a single unit, which allows development engineers to maneuver throughout the entire lifecycle of development. This gives them the opportunity to test, deploy, and build a variety of skills in several areas of development functions.


Using a high-level technology stack and an advanced set of tools, development units employ practices to automate outdated operations quickly and efficiently. This method helps developers speed up business processes and secure lasting benefits for their organizations. A few of the benefits of operating under a DevOps approach includes:


Increased Speed


Moving at an accelerated pace will enable you to improve products and services, adjust for market variances, and scale your business more effectively. The DevOps approach empowers your development teams to work faster and more efficiently to drive significant results.


Enhanced Collaboration


With the DevOps approach, you can strengthen collaboration and build advanced development teams. Developers and processing units work in concert, share accountability, and unite their workflows. This decreases errors and reserves time that otherwise could go to waste during handover periods.




DevOps practices encompass ongoing consolidation and delivery practices to test each adjustment and ensure application updates and alterations are quality assured. Logging and tracking operations can give you real-time updates about performance, so you can react quickly to issues and to make changes for your end users at an accelerated velocity.


Faster Delivery


The faster you deliver fresh updates and resolve bugs, the quicker you can make improvements for your customers. Ongoing consolidation and fulfillment operations can automate your upgrade releases to react faster to your customers’ demands and improve customer satisfaction levels.




Automation can help you handle your intricate and evolving development processes with fewer errors and higher precision. Conduct repeated development testing in production settings to ensure quality in continuously changing environments and markets.


Learn More About DevOps Today


Wondering how you can incorporate a DevOps approach in the development of your Magento eCommerce website? Get in touch with the Magento Managed Services team at Forix and learn more about the potential benefits of DevOps practices for your company today.


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