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How to Run A/B Testing to Develop Your CRO Strategy

A/B Testing to Develop CRO Strategy
Conversion rate optimization has several factors that influence it, and the specific factors that will do your e-commerce or Magento website the most good will be different than what works for someone else’s store. Because of these potential variables, you need to conduct thorough testing to ensure that you find the changes that make an impact on your conversion rates. A/B testing is one of your options.


What Is A/B Testing?

Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a process where two variations of a web page run at the same time. One is the control, which tends to be the existing web page, while the second has the alternate adjustment. At the end of the test period, you can see which version of the web page led to more conversions. You can also conduct A/B testing through several variations of a web page, though the name most commonly refers to comparing two options.

When it comes to CRO, A/B testing automatically gives you a sense of which page performs better and can help you perform data-driven changes. Reach out to the Magento support services team at Forix to learn more about A/B testing on your Magento website.


What Elements Should You Include in A/B Testing?

The most successful tests are those that have a clear structure. As such, you want to form a clear hypothesis about what change will likely improve your conversion rates and then find a tangible way to test it. Some common and deceiving simple changes that can help with conversion rates are:

  • Headlines
  • Sales copy and product descriptions
  • Design and layout
  • Graphics and images
  • Forms
  • CTAs
  • Marketing emails

Generally, when you start out with A/B testing, it’s best to only make one change at a time on a web page so that you can be certain that the change you’ve implemented is the cause of your conversion rate adjusting. Otherwise, you risk ending up with conflicting or uncertain data, which doesn’t help. That’s why structuring your tests is so essential.


Understanding Your Results

When you dive into the world of A/B testing, you can end up with outstanding CRO results. However, this involves having a clear understanding of your data. Something that appears to be a breakthrough change at first glance may not even be statistically significant enough to count as a clear indicator of cause and effect.

To help ensure you’re getting reliable results, you will need to understand statistics when interpreting the data. You will also need to make sure that you’re running your tests long enough to collect an accurate sample size – but not so long that you delay gaining any worthwhile results in the process. To learn more about how to interpret the results of A/B tests on your Magento website, reach out to the Magento managed services team at Forix.


What to Do Once You Complete A/B Testing

Once you’ve found the change that brings you increased conversions, there’s only one thing to do: keep testing. You may rerun a test to confirm results or select a new variable to work with. If you have a lot of site traffic, also consider multivariate testing where you can combine different variations of elements to find the most effective combination for achieving your conversion goals. Get in touch with the Magento managed support team at Forix to learn more about A/B testing.

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