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Integrate Shipstation with Magento

Integrate Shipstation with magento
Shipstation is a powerful integration system that helps e-commerce companies advance their order fulfillment processes to improve efficiency and heighten customer satisfaction levels. With the support of the Shipstation integration, you can ship your products from any sales channel, establish shipping labels, and ship products faster than ever before.


A Shipstation integration with Magento provides retail and manufacturing companies with countless perks intended to bolster precision and accelerate shipment processes. Shipstation has a perfect 5 out 5 score from Shopify users, 4.9 out of 5 with BigCommerce users, and a 4.9 out of 5 with Magento users – those are hard scores to beat.


A few of the prime features of the Shipstation platform are:


  • Cloud-based. Shipstation is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t have to install anything to set up and start deploying the integration.


  • Accessibility. With Shipstation’s mobile capabilities, you can monitor your orders, track shipments, edit order information, add notifications, view business data, and establish and print labels with the use of a mobile application.


  • Automation. Shipstation provides automatic order status and tracking updates to your e-commerce store instantaneously.


  • Customization. Use Shipstation to create customized email notifications, tracking information, and order confirmations to your customers. Shipstation’s customization options will also give you the chance to tailor your shopping and fulfillment operations based on your unique business needs.


  • Shipstation can be set up within a matter of minutes, so you can access the benefit of importing all the orders of your e-commerce store to accelerate the fulfillment process across all your sales channels.


Thinking about improving your e-commerce website? A Shipstation integration can give you access to tools necessary to build your business and expand the range of your sales channels. With Shipstation handling all your orders automatically, there is no need to worry about handling high sales volumes, so you can scale your business and add more selling channels without the daunting task of dealing with more orders.


Discover How to Integrate Shipstation With Magento


With the help of Magento ongoing support from Forix, Shipstation can be professionally integrated with your Magento site in no time. Connect with the adept Magento integration professionals to get Shipstation integrated on your e-commerce site today.



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