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Magento Managed Support for Automotive Businesses


The automobile is a remarkable symbol of human innovation and engineering genius. Even the standard car has over 3,000 components, all of which a vehicle employs to perform at its peak level. The process of selling cars, car parts, and accessories with an e-commerce website not only means displaying information regarding car models and manufacturing options, but it also requires showcasing an abundance of information about the specific qualities such as safety equipment, features, capacity, and everything else buyers want to know when investing in an automobile. Consumers also demand a simplified, intuitive purchasing experience, which can be difficult to create when there is an abundance of information that a site needs to highlight.


As an owner of an automotive business with an e-commerce website, it is crucial to find a balance between highlighting all the important information and creating a seamless user experience. This is why more and more automotive companies are turning to the cloud-based e-commerce solution Magento to meet specific industry needs.


A highly dynamic platform, Magento gives automotive companies the flexibility necessary to build customized product information management tools. These enable product experts to identify, accumulate, and assign data to ensure buyers access the products they are seeking. This custom process merges data with FIT mapping, involving the year, model, and make of the car, to establish outline groups and generate item assortments quickly. Using Magento, automotive companies can create comprehensive modules with variables to allow customers to make specific preference choices as a means of locating their ideal product.


Benefits of Magento for Automotive Companies


Magento offers automotive companies an extended assortment of features especially equipped to cater to the needs of the automotive industry. With managed support for your automotive business with Forix, your company can access an extensive amount of Magento system benefits, including:

  • Creating several product variables and uniting several databases to showcase the comparisons between cars and their components.
  • Simplifying detailed, complex items for your customers with customized assortments and item attributes.
  • Utilizing Fit My Car tools to guide your consumers through an extensive kit of choices to select the ideal make, model, and year of their car.
  • Providing recent vehicle-product relationship data from numerous suppliers, dealers, and producers.
  • Using a seamless process to organize intricate integration and secure routing to give your customers precise information in real-time.
  • Applying responsive design across all channels to give customers the ability to use their mobile phones to identify a part or accessory and make a purchase without having to use a desktop.


Magento With Managed Support from Forix


The greatest resource you can enjoy is a complete team of experts devoted to supporting your automotive company with effective e-commerce solutions. With Magento managed support with certified Magento enterprise partner Forix, you will be able to access the unrealized capabilities of your Magento website and receive a regular return on investment.


The experienced development specialists can supply you with help for the following areas of your Magento e-commerce store:


  • Security patches and upgrades.
  • Training procedures.
  • Workflow processes.
  • Conversion maximization.
  • Performance enhancement.
  • Integration and migration support.
  • User experience reports and analysis.


Get Magento Managed Support for Your Automotive Business Today


Magento with managed support from Forix for automotive business can further company achievement and set the foundation for success for your business. Forix is a Magento specialist and can help with all components of website set-up, from integrations to security patches. Get in touch with the team at Forix to learn about the benefits of Magento with managed support for your automotive organization today.

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