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Magento Ongoing Support for Health & Beauty

magento ongoing support for health & beauty

Health and beauty companies have traditionally stimulated sales by offering consumers the chance to smell, touch, and try out their products before buying. Endless technological improvements have led to the rise purchasing beauty products online. Health and beauty companies must use the latest and greatest e-commerce systems to establish unique and personalized shopping experiences for their consumers to remain relevant in today’s market. To meet the more sophisticated demands of the modern health and beauty consumer, many companies with e-commerce websites are taking advantage of the robust features of the Magento cloud-based e-commerce platform. Magento is a leading business management solution, and supplies health and beauty retailers with the chance to accomplish mobilization, streamline business operations, and personalize consumer shopping experiences.


Advantages of Magento for Health and Beauty Businesses


Magento supplies a variety of features to accommodate the needs of health and beauty retailers in the e-commerce sector, including:


Mobile Optimization


Extend your reach and capture the market of mobile browsers and purchasers with of mobile optimization made easy with the Magento platform. You can encourage customers to make purchases from any type of device while on the go with a variety of responsive design layouts accessible from all devices.




Health and beauty consumers have a plethora of different needs, which means retailers must incorporate personalization features to satisfy all customers. Magento can help businesses enhance their browser’s online viewing experience with personalization devices, including product highlights based on consumer habits, demographics, location, and skin type.


Magento and Forix Success Story


The Magento website development agency Forix has emerged as a leading developer of e-commerce websites for health and beauty businesses. Magento’s ongoing support services have helped multiple companies maximize the gains of their e-commerce platforms, such as Sexy Hair.


Sexy Hair’s success is cultivated with the maintenance of international salon partners and brand ambassadors striving to promote the company’s collection of hair care products. Sexy Hair came to Forix for assistance building a brand-boosting, e-commerce website with the features needed to address a wider range of customers.
Forix recognized Sexy Hair’s user base consisted of 50 percent mobile users, so they constructed a mobile-first e-commerce platform to present the company’s customers with a more intuitive, engaging viewing experience across all mobile devices. Sexy Hair saw an outstanding 37 percent rise in mobile conversions, a 12 percent mobile ACO rise, and a 31 percent rise in the median time users spent on the e-commerce website after completing the construction of the website and the process of mobile-optimization. The expert website development and design team at Forix helped give Sexy Hair the structure to secure open-ended advancement in the health and beauty e-commerce industry.


Get Magento Ongoing Support for Health & Beauty


Magento ongoing support for health and beauty for retail can help your enterprise amplify the full extent of the utilities available with the Magento platform and equip your business with the tools necessary to reach your objectives.


Connect with Forix to get Magento ongoing support for health and beauty today.



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