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Why is Magento SEO the perfect option for small and medium-sized enterprises?


Contrary to popular belief Magento is also the perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses. Small businesses can secure significant profits by leveraging the platform’s SEO-friendly aspect.

Small businesses have to perform well on the search engine results pages to secure more leads and retain more customers. This is where Search engine optimization plays an important part.

Did you know that 68% of all online experiences begin in the search engine results pages? Thus, to ensure a higher page ranking you will have to consider Magento SEO.

4 Ways to Create a Strong Base for SEO in Magento 2 for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

Given below are four tips that can help you boost your Magento 2 SEO efforts. Hiring a good and proficient Magento SEO agency can ensure the following tasks are carried out efficiently for your website. No matter the size of your enterprise, an expert Magento SEO specialist can help boost and enhance your business revenue.

  1. URL Structure

    To create a good base for an SEO-friendly URL you should consider structuring your URLs to cover one single aspect of your site. You should also create URLs that are short but descriptive along with an easy-to-read yet unique recognizable pattern.
    Once you choose to create a final structure for your URL you can choose a suitable Magento SEO plugin to expedite the process.

  2. Metadata

    Metadata optimization is a crucial part of Magento SEO. Why so? Your metadata along with your SERP determine the first appearance on your search engine results pages. Therefore, it influences your click-through rate thereby directly affecting your search engine result page ranking.
    Small businesses typically choose to combine default settings with efficient Magento SEO modules to get the job done appropriately as well as efficiently.
    Thus, with these efforts you can automate as well as create SEO-friendly metadata within a shorter period.

  3. Content Structuring

    Structured data should be a diligent practice for enterprises small and large. Why so? Navigation becomes rapidly easier when the content is structured appropriately. This is preferred by customers as an easily navigable site is preferred by shoppers.
    It is also preferred by web crawlers as it easily helps them determine where critical and essential information exists. Additionally, it makes the process of updating more manageable and increases the probability of earning a link.

  4. Smooth Navigation

    Customer experience is a major ranking for websites. Thus, a superior customer experience can help you rank higher in the search engine results pages. One such way to rank higher is to consider making the navigation procedure of your website simpler.
    The faster your customer can find the products they are looking the better customer experience you will be able to provide. This is considered a bonus point for efficient UX.

Thus, with the above-mentioned ways you can enhance your Magento SEO efforts and boost the growth of your small or medium-sized business. Alternatively, you can choose to seek the services of a Magento SEO agency to target specific issues and secure better results.

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