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Taking a Closer look at Magento SEO


Magento is one of the most common choices for websites that would like to leverage the platform’s SEO capabilities to enhance their online presence.
If the platform is used properly, it can boost your revenues from anywhere between 10%-80%. So, your business can grow 3 times faster, on average than other businesses that don’t use the platform.

What are some ways through which you can improve SEO on your Magento Website?

1. Crawling and Indexing

One of the most common issues that Magento websites face is faceted navigations. This creates indexing and crawling issues as it increases the number of pages that the search engine has to crawl on to acquire information.
Thus, if your website uses faceted navigation you will have to thoroughly conduct an analysis and consider allowing only certain pages that have a higher percentage of getting indexed.

2. URL Paths

Magento by default adds in “.html” to a website’s product as well as category URLs. This may not necessarily be bad for SEO efforts but it does end up creating lengthier URLs. This makes it difficult for users to read the URL.
This is why a cleaner easy-to-read format is preferred for SEO. While this may be an excellent option for new websites it may be catastrophic for older websites as it may result in dropping in website ranking. Thus, this should only be done if your website is brand new.

3. Global Redirects

Magento has an amazing feature that implements global redirects on your websites. This means that if your website starts with either “www” or “https” then visitors are automatically redirected to the correct destination even if they don’t enter those subdomains.
This is a great way to enhance user experience as visitors are directed to your website even if they do not enter the correct URL of your website.

4. Structured Data

This procedure is a great way to improve the search engine’s understanding of your website and boost your e-commerce Magento SEO.
Magento websites can quite often be very large thus a structured data approach can be a great way to give search engines a better understanding of your website pages.
An organized mapping of structured data including categories such as home page, category page, product page and blog can be used to help Google understand the content of your e-commerce store.

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How does a Magento store rank well in the search engine results pages?

  • Search engines should be easily and efficiently able to find all the content of the website and understand it to rank it higher than other websites.
  • The technological foundation of your website can accelerate the rate of search engines finding and understanding your website as quickly as possible.
  • Creating content that provides relevant answers to search queries can help search engines rank websites based on relevance.
  • Asserting authority and trust by inserting relevant links to your website can help search engines rank your website.

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