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Migrate From OpenCart to Magento

Migrate From OpenCart to Magento
Hints You Should Migrate to Magento


Magento is a top eCommerce solution recognized for its array of technologically advanced features that improve the overall performance of eCommerce websites. When you opt to migrate to the Magento platform, you’ll have the chance to make the most out of your online shop and set the stage for lasting prosperity. Take a look at a few of the signs that it’s time for a Magento migration for your eCommerce website.


You Want Truly Dependable Performance Insights: Using Magento, merchants can take advantage of a comprehensive set of performance tools and high-level extensions to streamline processes and improve the user experience.


You Want To Improve SEO: Magento was built with search engine optimization in mind. The Magento platform can equip businesses with the latest SEO solutions to make improving search engine rankings easier than ever before.


You Want To Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experiences: Magento’s layered navigation feature allows users to apply filters to their searches when browsing, which significantly reduces the time it takes to find, compare, and buy merchandise on your website.


OpenCart vs. Magento


While OpenCart and Magento are both well-known eCommerce platforms, there are some significant differences between the two in regard to what they are able to offer eCommerce businesses. When it comes to SEO, Magento has more advanced features, such as the opportunity to optimize product content like pictures, videos, and item descriptions. Magento also gives merchants the chance to integrate extensions made explicitly for SEO purposes, which can boost the flow of traffic to your website.


Although OpenCart provides some SEO features including flexible URLs, configuring metadata and implementing SEO strategies are more difficult when compared with Magento. OpenCart also doesn’t provide the advanced customization opportunities or the extension options that are easily accessible in the Magento marketplace.


Which Should You Choose?


Due to its boundless design potential and a great selection of extensions and integrations, Magento is ideal for eCommerce businesses that want to establish a website that magnifies the originality of their brand and product catalog. However, if you’re simply looking to set up a standard eCommerce website without too many integrations and less potential for customization, OpenCart may be able to address your needs. On the other hand, companies that want the opportunity to choose from a bountiful collection of integrations and enjoy virtually unhindered customization options are more likely to be satisfied with Magento.


Expenses and Time


The average eCommerce company will complete its migration to Magento in 3 to 6 months, but the timeline will vary due to unique data needs, customization preferences, and the number of extensions and add-ons you want implemented on your website. The total cost of a Magento migration depends on the experience of your web design team. The Magento developers at Top Magento Agency Forix can help you pinpoint your migration needs and provide you with a uniquely tailored solution for your eCommerce shop- just reach out. Get in touch with Forix to learn more about Adobe Experience Manager.

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