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Migrating to Magento Commerce

Migrate to Magento Commerce
Magento Open Source can provide a robust resource for any starting e-commerce business. However, as your website starts to grow and more customers create traffic and complete purchases, Magento Open Source can become strained. When this happens, you’ll want to migrate your site to Magento Commerce to better accommodate growth.


Forix’s Magento managed support team can also assist you with migrating your website across platforms.


Knowing When to Migrate


While you’ll want to discuss migrating your website with your developer, there are still signs of when it’s time to migrate your website. It’s likely time to make the change to Magento Commerce when you start to see these signs.


Technical Limitations Lead to Traffic Strain


When you start to attract more business, higher traffic levels can quickly cause your site experience to decline. Promotions and high traffic times can make these problems obvious – and have a negative impact on your customers’ experience. Magento Commerce has enhanced caching and database capabilities, as well as cloud hosting options, to help your site remain stable with high traffic levels.


Conversion Rates Begin to Stagnate


Anytime your conversion rates stop increasing is a sign that you need to change your strategy and optimize your site. However, the amount of optimization you can do with Magento Open Source has a limit. Commerce has an even more robust variety of conversion tools to better serve your site and get your customers what they’re looking for.


Installing New Integrations Becomes Complex


When you want to improve your customer experience, you often implement new systems to your website, generally as you grow. However, building the integrations to let you make the most out of these systems can be a complex and expensive process. Magento Commerce gives you access to many of these enhanced systems, such as order management and buy online/pick up in store.


Hard-Coded Content Is Creating Access Issues


To have a successful online store, you need to pay attention to web content and experience. Magento Open Source requires technical resources and developers to make changes, while Commerce provides an intuitive system that allows for straightforward changes through the admin panel – without needing to make use of an extension.


Benefits of Magento Commerce


While the Open Source edition is a free version of Magento, the investment in Magento Commerce is essential for a larger business to make the most of its e-commerce website. The scalability allows for extensive growth without any drags during high traffic times, opening doors to improved business.


Some of the most notable benefits of migrating to Magento Commerce are:


  • Stronger conversion rates and sales. The increased level of marketing tools through Magento Commerce helps increase traffic and conversions alike by streamlining access, navigation, and purchasing for customers.
  • Easier performance tracking. You understand the importance of keeping an eye on your e-commerce site’s performance to making smart business decisions. With more robust extensions through Magento Commerce, you can better keep track of essential data, both for IT and employee management purposes in readily accessible tools.
  • More personalized customer experience. Customizing a user’s experience serves as the rough equivalent to what you’d accomplish in a brick and mortar store. You can only access customer segmentation, attribute managing, targeting, visual merchandising, and email automation through Magento Commerce – and these powerful tools can enhance your marketing strategy.
  • Team communication channels. As your business grows, you don’t need to just focus on handling your customer base. Your team will also be growing, and transparent and open communication is the key to success. Magento Commerce comes with an extensive team management toolkit that includes great benefits such as advanced permissions and Google G Suite.


If your e-commerce website needs to grow along with your business, migrating from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce is the way to go.


Forix’s Ongoing Managed Support Services and Migrating Your Website


If you’re uncertain if it’s time to migrate your website, our top developer team can help you evaluate your current Magento website. Our optimization and maintenance services can help enhance your marketing strategy. If it’s time to upgrade, you can count on our agency to help manage the details.


From migrating your website to the new system to updating elements to better fit the capacity of Magento Commerce, our ongoing technical support makes it easy to spot any maintenance issues and keep your website in the best shape. You’ll always have a top developer team available to handle any support services.


When you want to integrate new extensions and features into your site, you can count on our managed support services to get the job done. Our Magento Managed Services experts know the best practices for enhancing your e-commerce website to meet your vision and customer’s needs. We can help you take advantage of all the features Commerce has to offer through ongoing maintenance.


We can also help develop your customization practices to help appeal to your customers’ interests, driving further sales. We can find the tools that your audience responds to and use them for ongoing draw, bringing back repeat customers to help your business flourish even more.


When you need a top agency, turn to Forix’s Magento Managed Support team. Our comprehensive developer teams can handle all your ongoing maintenance and technical support services needs for your e-commerce website. Reach out to a digital e-commerce expert to get your migration started.



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