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Should I Upgrade to Magento 2?

Upgrade to Magento 2
Evaluating the features of your e-commerce platform is an important part of remaining in line with the competition. If you haven’t already upgraded to Magento 2, it might be the perfect platform for you. Here is a look at what you should consider when determining if you should make the switch.


Robust Integrations


A state-of-the-art e-commerce platform can be used with the latest extensions, and Magento 2 comes with an extensive database of extensions ready for use. One significant extension Magento 2 offers is the “one-click” buying option. Much like the feature Amazon has been operating, the one-click checkout feature provides loyal customers with the chance to fast-forward through the checkout process and make purchases faster than ever.


Improved Performance


Loading speeds are an important component of a successful e-commerce website. The Magento 2 platform provides accelerated loading times with optimized performance that is built to manage increasingly developing traffic. With these features, you can scale your business without having to worry about managing traffic spikes or higher-order volumes.


Cache enrichments in the Magento 2.2 software have increased HTTP operations for site visitors to accelerate website loading speed.


Enhanced B2B Functions


Magento 2 includes new and improved features designed specifically for B2B customers and merchants. The seamless account management abilities allow B2B owners to monitor prices and manage price quotes from one compact interface.


Fraud Security


The more your e-commerce website scales, the more prosperity your business will realize. Unfortunately, more success also comes with an increased risk for security threats and fraud. However, Magento 2 can help shield your system from fraud with the assistance of its new feature, Signifyd. In addition to locating and rejecting fraudulent purchases, Signifyd gives complete chargeback security and permits increased order acceptance degrees with a reduced risk.


Upgrade to Magento 2 Today


With Magento managed support from the expert developers at Forix, you can obtain all the advantages that come embedded in the Magento 2 platform and set the stage for ongoing growth and prosperity for your eCommerce store. The team at Forix is exceptionally experienced with all domains of the Magento platform and can ensure your migration is completed with minimal disruptions on your company’s sales and operations. Get in touch with the team at Forix to access the full scope of the advantages available in the Magento 2 platform today.


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