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These 5 Things Are Hurting Your Magento Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts

Modern eCommerce businesses need to offer their customers valuable experiences on a consistent basis. This involves much more than just developing high-quality products and services, but also enhancing the user experience throughout the entire customer journey. Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a valuable endeavor for any online retailer, but business owners should know the value of professional assistance with development and implementation. If you’re considering investing in conversion rate optimization in Magento, start the decision making process by assessing the various aspects of your site that impact user experiences.


  1. Your Pricing


Is your pricing competitive within your market? Does your brand image convey the same level of quality as the price bracket of your products and services? Your customers need to be able to reconcile the price point of a product with the apparent value. Consider using Magento to enhance your existing product showcases or develop new ones that include video content or 360° views of your products instead of static images.


  1. Your Shipping Options


Simply adding a free shipping option to your checkout process can lead to increased sales. Consider adding a few dollars to the prices of your products to compensate or simply take a small hit to your profit margins for a short time to offer free shipping; the increased sales you’ll see will more than make up the difference. When given a choice between buying a product from two competing eCommerce stores, most customers will prefer the seller that offers free shipping with a competitive price.


  1. Your Site Loading Speeds


Online customers have very little patience, and they don’t realistically need any considering the extraordinary abundance of choices available from online sellers. If a customer cannot complete a purchase from your eCommerce store quickly and efficiently, he or she will likely click away to a competitor with a better-performing site. Magento conversion rate optimization hinges on improving site performance, and Forix can help you streamline the online shopping process and tweak various aspects of your online store to ensure it displays and performs up to par on a variety of internet-capable devices.


  1. Your User Interface


Magento site performance optimization tools allow you to create visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces. Your leads may not be converting into sales because navigating your site or checkout process feels clunky or unintuitive.


  1. Your Checkout Process


Does your checkout screen look polished and professional? Modern online shoppers are wary of scams and counterfeit sites, so if your checkout screen doesn’t inspire buyer confidence, potential customers may hesitate to click through and complete their purchases.


Talk to a Magento CRO expert at Forix to learn more about things that could be hurting your Magento CRO efforts.



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