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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO

Improve Your SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery. Your e-commerce company can demystify SEO and make it work to your advantage with Magento ongoing support. Magento managed services through a top developer like Forix can help you clarify your goals, optimize your website, and increase brand recognition. Your Magento e-commerce store can reach its intended audience and hit the numbers it wants with the right support system. All great SEO takes is a few simple steps and the right developer.


Serve the Interests of Your Audience Better


The history of SEO came from search engines’ goals to accommodate user needs. Search engines wanted to improve the user experience (UX) as much as possible by making search results as relevant and helpful as they could be They did so by using feedback from users to rank web pages based on certain factors. These factors make up the basic requirements for search engine optimization. They include page speed, content relevancy, mobile-friendliness, navigation, and more.


By focusing on the interests and needs of your audience, your efforts will align with the purpose of SEO. Serving the needs of your users will put you in a position to adhere to SEO rules and best practices. For example, your audience will need to find your landing pages quickly and easily when they search for certain keywords. Achieve this by inserting those keywords on your landing pages in ways that will improve your rank in the search engine results pages (SERP). This common-sense solution to your need is also in line with the rules of SEO.


Magento ongoing support with Forix enables you to better serve the interests of your audience. Instead of spending valuable time and energy on managing your Magento website, managed services let you dedicate more productivity and manpower toward helping your customers. Brainstorm better ways to serve your target audience, engage with consumers by replying to comments and queries, and create campaigns that reach the people you want the most. Managed services and site maintenance give you more time and agility to dedicate toward addressing consumer needs – boosting SEO as a natural byproduct.


Optimize Your Site With the Latest UX Design Trends


You can’t have SEO without first tackling the technical aspects of Magento website design. The user experience is integral to the overall success of your Magento website and online store. At the heart of your managed services solution should be support for the UX of your site. This means using the latest UX trends and data from your real customers to optimize your site. A top developer’s managed services will have the power to integrate the latest design techniques in a way that highlights how your brand differs from competitors.


The right UX design takes technical prowess, regular website maintenance, and ongoing support services. Otherwise, you could lose some benefits to the tolls of time. What’s trending now won’t always be the best UX in the future. It takes constant vigilance, data analysis, and consumer research to tailor your website toward what today’s users want and respond to. Magento managed services with a top developer can make sure your website stays relevant and withstands the test of time.


Forix is an agency you can trust to keep your website design on the cutting edge. From conquering technical backend development to providing regular maintenance services and updates, we have the Magento UX covered. Our certified Magento developers know exactly how to enhance your website to optimize the user experience, based on real data we collect from your customers. Trust us with your UX design services and massively improve your reputation with customers. We make SEO easy.


Make Your Magento Website Mobile-Friendly


Google and other major search engines place great emphasis on a website’s mobile-friendliness. With more users online shopping via mobile than desktop computers, it’s incredibly important that a website performs just as well on a cell phone as it does on a desktop. SEO rules require sites to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, a website would miss out on an enormous mobile customer base – making it not search engine-optimized at all.


Magento websites already come with the power to wow on a small screen. To tap into this power and use it to your advantage, however, you need the right ongoing managed support services. Magento ongoing support from Forix includes intuitive, responsive, and mobile-friendly website design and periodic technical maintenance. As your developer, our agency’s services and maintenance will enhance your mobile e-commerce store and optimize it across all platforms.


We’ll help you create a seamless UX on all devices, emphasizing elements that facilitate purchases such as the shopping cart. Customers will be able to easily switch from one device to another without losing their shopping histories or shopping cart items. We can also install security patches and technical updates to keep mobile users bug-free. Our Magento managed services and ongoing maintenance can help you master the art of mobile SEO.


Personalize the Shopping Experience


Search engines are emphasizing personalization more and more. SEO best practices include many ways to put the “custom” in customers. Personalizing shopping experiences with features like upselling and cross-selling based on prior purchases can enhance UX and lead to more sales and greater individual sales values. A top developer like Forix can help you get to know your audience and tailor the UX for them based on data. We can help your website deliver the personalized online shopping experience customers crave.


Ongoing managed services through an agency can give you the tools you need to enhance site personalization. From the ability to quickly gather and analyze customer data to tracking user behaviors to inform website design, your developer can help you tailor all aspects of the shopper experience. Forix can use real information from your customers to create the ideal SEO strategy for your website. We can help you take shopping personalization to the next level.


Invest in the Right Magento Agency


The best e-commerce stores didn’t get that way by accident. They reached the top through data-driven strategies and marketing decisions. To beat the competition, you have to optimize every aspect of your website; this may take assistance from certified expert Magento developers. Forix knows exactly what clients need to improve SEO. We can help you solve your greatest e-commerce challenges, make the most of Magento, and ultimately increase your bottom line. If SEO is the heart of good e-commerce, we’re the brains behind the operation. Contact Forix today to chat with our Magento experts.



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