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Achieving PCI Compliance on Your Magento B2B Site

PCI Compliance on Magento B2B
All eCommerce websites need to meet PCI compliance to securely handle customer payment and other sensitive information. Magento B2B websites are no exception to these rules; they must match up with PCI standards to remain in business. Not doing so can lead to fines and a loss of ability to process payments, both of which are detrimental to business.

In addition to requirements, PCI compliance is also essential in building trust between you and your customers. When they see you’re making it your priority to keep their information secure, they know they can trust you with current and future purchases. With these two factors in mind, you should ensure your Magento B2B website is PCI compliant – and top developer agency Forix can help. Connect with a Magento Managed Support team member to get all the facts on PCI compliance for your site.


Taking Advantage of Magento Features

If you run your website through Magento Commerce, then you’re already in good hands to achieve PCI compliance. Magento Commerce (Cloud) is already a PCI Certified solution, meaning you should already meet compliance standards and can use Magento’s certification to obtain your own PCI compliance.

Magento’s available integrated payment gateways also help you match PCI compliance standards. Because these integrated payment features don’t store payments data on or transfer it through the Magento application server, you can then make other Magento updates without reassessing your entire B2B store to achieve PCI compliance. Hear more about Magento’s features that could benefit you by talking to one of Forix’s Magento managed services team experts.


Building a PCI Compliance Checklist with Magento Ongoing Support By Your Side

You can’t just stop your PCI compliance efforts after you’ve reached them once; as an eCommerce retailer, maintaining trust between you and your customers is essential for ongoing success. In addition to whatever information security efforts you already have in place, you should build a comprehensive PCI compliance checklist to ensure your website is always on track.

Your checklist should always contain the most up-to-date compliance standards. The current PCI Data Security Standard version has six groups comprising 12 different categories. Your checklist should involve these standards, as well as actionable tasks that will allow you to meet them. Regularly update your list and check your website for proper compliance, even if you are not in the process of earning your PCI certificate. Get help with your checklist by consulting with one of our Magento ongoing support digital experts.


Use Magento Managed Support to Maintain Your B2B Store’s PCI Compliance

All eCommerce vendors must uphold PCI standards to operate a business and provide their customers with the Magento managed support they deserve. Magento B2B stores, which deal with the information of other companies, especially need to uphold these standards and go beyond to maintain client security. Forix’s Magento managed support experts can analyze your B2B eCommerce website to check that it is PCI compliance and, if not, provide the updates necessary to get on track.

Some aspects we check include:

• Establishing and keeping up-to-date firewalls between public network and payment card data
• Encrypting all cardholder data
• Checking for and installing vendor-supplied security patches on card processing systems
• Testing security systems and network environment

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