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Boost Your Health & Beauty E-Commerce Site’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Boost Health & Beauty ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of improving a website to increase the number of visitors who turn into customers after visiting a website. Businesses aim for a higher conversion rate to obtain a revenue increase. Many different things can happen to decrease your CRO, and sometimes the only way to fix it is with a site redesign. Magento support services by Forix can help you transform your Health & Beauty e-commerce site to improve your CRO and give your business a boost.


Built-In Search Features


Offering customers advanced search features can deliver the answers they are looking for right into their hands. If you want to point users in the right direction, Magento has an Elastic Search feature, allowing custom filters on the search parameters. Forix can help to set up the search features according to your needs. Talk with a dedicated Magento agency specialist today to see how you can improve your CRO.


Live Chat


Answering questions in real-time has a lot of value for customers. They don’t need to wait around for a customer representative to be available and they can make an informed decision in the moment. A recent study found up to 77% of customers will not make a purchase if there is no live chat option. This staggering statistic proves consumers love an immediate response, and Magento ongoing support can help. The staff at Magento agency Forix will integrate a live chat feature on your site, allowing your customers 24/7 support.


Streamlined Checkout Process


One great way to lose a customer is to ask them to fill out a form multiple times. By offering autofill options to return customers, you are saving them the hassle of re-entering all of their information during checkout. The quicker you can deliver customers to the checkout process, the faster they will complete the sale. Cart abandonment happens when the checkout process is too complicated or does not offer the ability to enter coupon codes until the last minute. Forix’s Magento managed support can help you find the best checkout solution for your business, decreasing abandoned carts and increasing your CRO.


Secure Payments


Build trust in your health & beauty e-commerce website with secure checkout options. Customers need to know their data is secure when entrusting you with their financial information. Most professionals now use the First Data Global Gateway e4 processing system. It sends only encrypted authorized payments to the appropriate source and does not store information on your site. This keeps a data breach far away, bringing you closer to your customers. Magento ongoing support are available right now to overhaul your payment processing system. Accept all major credit cards, and check customer satisfaction off the list.


By offering a high-quality shopping experience, your customers will start to return multiple times. The next time they need your product, they will remember how easy it was, returning to your site. If you are looking for a major site overhaul, Forix is here to help. Our Magento managed services can help you take your site to the next level, boosting your CRO. Contact our Magento agency today for an evaluation of your site. Discover the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager by talking to a Forix specialist.

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