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CRO Services for Your Magento B2B Website

CRO Services on Magento B2B Websites
While it can seem easy to dismiss the concept, Magento B2B businesses need to think about conversion rate optimization for their online stores as much as any other online business does. In fact, B2B website owners may need to think about CRO even more, since the purchase cycle is much longer than in B2C purchases, and many more people are part of the decision-making process – meaning there are many more potential drop off points that could lead to a dropped conversion.

Top Magento development agency Forix’s vast experience in providing Magento managed support for B2B websites allows us to provide your online store with the best Magento B2B CRO services, helping drive conversions and enhancing business further. We provide optimization for all aspects of your website.



Online shopping happens on more devices than just desktops, and your website needs to meet customers there – even for Magento B2B businesses. Forix’s Magento ongoing support team can setup Magento’s numerous tools and features to ensure your website is responsive to any device, as well as build you a mobile-dedicated version of your store, allowing your customers to always have easy access to your products.


Checkout Flow

Checking out is a stage of the conversion funnel that has numerous places where a customer could decide to abandon their cart and never complete the order. That’s why enhancing your checkout flow should be one of your CRO priorities – it ensures everything is set up to make the most hassle-free process for your site users. Forix’s Magento managed services team can analyze your current checkout process and make sure it follows all the best CRO practices.


Page Load Speed

If a web page takes too long to load, it can cause people to leave your website entirely, never coming across your CTAs or completing conversions. As page load speed contributes to both SEO and CRO strategies, you need to make sure yours doesn’t exceed your user’s patience. The Magento managed support experts can optimize your load time, giving your customers fast access to your website.


Data-Driven Changes

Merely changing a few elements of your website on a whim does not a successful CRO strategy make. You need to conduct tests and let data indicate how to improve your conversions. That’s why Magento agency Forix makes data-proven redesigns and updates – to ensure your conversion rates are headed in the right direction – up.

Comprehensive CRO Strategies and Services

CRO is essential for any online business aiming at growth. When you work with the Magento ongoing support team at Forix, you get a skilled team of Magento certified developers who can find the gaps in your strategy and update your website to drive conversions. With ongoing Magento managed support services, you’ll always have your website in good hands to continually drive growth and meet your business’s goals.

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