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Use Data Driven Redesign to Boost Your CRO

Use Data Driven Redesign to Boost Your CRO
Whenever you start to venture into updating your e-commerce site, you can take the UX route where you test whatever ideas come to mind. And while UX tests can bring effective results, the chances of turning over any substantial impact is much lower than what would be considered worth the investment.

That’s why data-driven website redesign is the preferred method when it comes to finding variables that bring a truly positive impact to your website. By considering existing data and using it to develop site changes, you’re much more likely to discover what changes will bring in the results you want for your site (with the help of Magento ongoing support) – and that same rule applies in the realm of CRO.


Data-Driven Redesign and Conversion Rate Optimization for your Magento Website

When it comes to boosting your online store’s conversion rate, you don’t want to waste your resources on efforts that won’t be effective. After all, making changes without any evidence to support them can harm your CRO efforts, rather than help them. The last thing you want to do as an e-commerce business owner is to make a decision that hurts your profits.

Unfortunately, poor CRO decisions can do just that. Relying on instinct rather than data may mean implementing a strategy that keeps customers away from your website. Making data-driven decisions when trying to boost your CRO is almost eight times more likely to be effective than UX based changes. If you are unsure of making this kind of high impact decision, connect with a Magento managed support team member at Forix to get some answers.


How to Start Using Data-Driven Redesign in Your CRO Strategy

Just like any other element of updating your website, you want to build a plan to focus on the most significant elements of data-driven testing:

  • Analyze your data thoroughly before developing a hypothesis to test. Start with A/B testing, but don’t neglect the impact of changing multiple variables as well. After you’ve analyzed the results of that test, conduct a follow-up experiment to confirm and refine your results.
  • Concentrate on what changes are likely to bring about changes. You’ll want to start with changes that will have the largest expected impact. While little elements can have an effect, they may not be worth your time and investment for the time being. Once you’ve changed big picture elements, you can better focus your efforts.
  • Conduct tests long enough to get significant results. A short test may look like it’s brought great results, but the time frame may not be long enough to show accurate results, let alone statistically significant ones. Running a test for the wrong length of time can give you skewed results.

It’s important to properly understand the data you get to make the most of data-driven testing. Once you do, you’ll see what changes bring worthwhile results and which ones are best left out of your CRO strategy. To ensure you understand the importance of CRO, call the Top Magento Agency Forix, to chat about how our Magento managed services will put you on the right path.


Data-Driven Redesign Services

Top developer agency Forix understands how to analyze your data, develop relevant tests, and interpret the results to give you the best outcome in your CRO strategy. We specialize in e-commerce and Magento websites and know the best processes to bring you efficient results. Reach out to learn more from Forix’s Magento managed support team.



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