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Magento B2B Mobile Optimization Tips From Top Magento Agency Forix

Magento B2B Mobile Optimization
Ecommerce stores need to meet the rising needs of mobile internet users to help stay relevant. Putting aside SEO purposes, mobile-optimized websites allow for streamlined access to your products, no matter where your customers may be. Even B2B online stores need to meet these specifications, as most buyers want to have access to their orders from anywhere.

Focusing part of your website strategy on mobile optimization ensures that you can serve your customers where they want to be served: on their phones and tablets. Optimizing both your website and your marketing strategies will give you a stronger presence in the B2B market- and Forix’s Magento managed support team can provide assistance in both areas.


Have a Mobile Responsive or Mobile Exclusive Website

If B2B customers are accessing your website through their smartphones and other mobile devices, then you need to ensure your site is accessible through them. A mobile responsive web design will adjust your existing layout to the appropriate device, while an exclusive web page will have its own unique elements meant for easy access outside of a desktop.

Magento has many themes and extensions that can adjust your existing website into a mobile-friendly format. At a bare minimum, your Magento B2B website needs to do this, so choose an option and make sure your mobile site runs just as well as (if not better) than your desktop one. Look to Forix’s Magento managed services team to guidance with your mobile site.


Optimize Your Photos for Mobile with Forix’s Magento Ongoing Support Experts

As an eCommerce business, you need high-quality photos to give your customers an idea of what products they’re ordering; even B2B companies need this feature to help streamline the purchasing process. However, high-quality pictures can have the drawback of increasing load times, especially on mobile devices.

Your customers want mobile access to your store because it’s fast and convenient. And when load times go up, you can lose points in those categories and risk losing sales. Besides optimizing your photos for the desktop version of your website, you should also create separate images that are best for mobile access. As a result, you reduce load times while still providing your customers with high-quality photos that show off your products. Let Forix’s Magento managed support team help optimize your photos on your mobile site.


Adjust Your Email Campaign with Magento Managed Services

Magento B2B online stores aren’t the only place that’s seen an increase in mobile access – emails have, too. After all, why would customers wait to go to a desktop when they can just read a message from their phone? That means you should adjust your email marketing to be mobile friendly as well.

Email marketing is one of your chances to bring a focused customer experience into your business. Not optimizing your emails for mobile reading would just be counterproductive. Think about your layout, load time, and where your CTAs will land to enhance your strategy for mobile and encourage return customers to your store. Contact an a digital expert on Forix’s Magento managed services team to learn more about how to improve your Magento B2B site.

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