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Boost B2B eCommerce Site Performance on Magento

Boost B2B eCommerce Site Performance on Magento
Even if you have impressive site design, mobile responsiveness, and stellar CTAs, your Magento B2B eCommerce website can still be suffering from weak performance. Slow web pages that take a few seconds longer than a customer expects can cause a negative user experience and even lead to lost sales.

The nature of what makes a strong eCommerce website contributes to a lot of these issues. High-quality images to show off product angles are important for conversion, but they won’t do much good if a customer doesn’t have the patience to wait for them to load. For Magento users, the vast number of extensions and plugins available can also have adverse effects on page load when too many unnecessary elements are attached to a web page.

Forix’s Magento ongoing support team provides your Magento B2B online store with regular analysis, redesigns, and updates to help your site perform at the best level possible – ultimately improving user experience and boosting conversions.


Image Optimization with Magento Ongoing Support

As mentioned, high-quality images can quickly strain your site’s speed and performance, leading to slow page load times that drive off customers. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to abandon that quality to boost your speed. Instead, optimizing the image to the right size you need to display on your website (and no more) lets you have the best of both worlds. Having a separate, smaller image that’s optimized for mobile will also help you when it comes to load times on alternate devices. Talk to Forix’s Magento ongoing support experts to learn more.


Cutting Back on Third-Party Extensions and Needless Features

The vast amount of available extensions and tools that Magento has as an open-source platform means that there’s no shortage of things you can add to your eCommerce website. However, not all of them are essential for providing your customers a strong Magento B2B website they can navigate and operate. And there’s no point in lowering site performance for things customers don’t need. Cutting out unnecessary features doesn’t just boost your load time, but also makes your site much easier to navigate. Reach out to an expert on the Magento managed support team to hear more about third party extensions.


Browser Caching – Learn from Our Magento Managed Support

Browser caching is the process of computers temporarily saving files related to displaying your website. When you take advantage of caching, you make it so that your frequent visitors’ computers have access to parts of your site’s resources, meaning they don’t have to redownload everything from scratch each time that they connect, boosting loading speed. You should specify an explicit caching policy to make this possible.


Forix’s Magento Managed Support Services to Boost B2B Magento Performance

The Magento managed support developers of Forix know what it takes to ensure your B2B eCommerce website is operating at peak performance. From adjusting images, setting up browser caching, and even cutting out and replacing useless extensions or features, we can help clean your site up to give customers a smooth experience – encouraging return customers and purchases in the process.

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