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Magento Technical Support for Your Magento B2B Website

magento technical support for b2b website
Magento technical support is ready to help you with your website. Give your clients the best experience possible with a customized experience, flexible options, and an optimized website design. Here is a brief overview of some of the things you can offer your customers with Magento ongoing support from Forix.


Manage the Company Account


With Magento managed support from Forix, you can assist large companies with several buyers and departments. Account managers can set permissions in the company account to allow members of their department access to certain areas and information. A Magento B2B site gives businesses the opportunity to control everything online, reducing the need for long phone calls. The self-service tools also let businesses track orders, view quote offers, and look at the credit on the account.


Quick Ordering


Customers no longer need to fill out their basics each time; they can enjoy the convenience of having their information filled in automatically. With a Magento B2B site, customers can save their information on the site for future orders, speeding up the ordering process. They can even save frequent orders for reordering in the future with just the click of a button. Everyone who registers has his or her own account, making it secure and safe. Give your customers the gift of convenience with Magento ongoing support from Forix for your website.


Respond to Quote Requests


Respond to quote requests from customers with ease. Magento’s behind the scenes workflow helps you to prioritize and organize tasks. Magento technical support will also send customized alerts when someone requests a quote. Never miss a beat again, giving your customers the service they need.


Custom Catalogs and Pricing Options


With Magento managed services, you can display a customized catalog to all your accounts. Choose which products to display to which accounts, creating a personalized experience for your businesses. Along with products, you can tailor pricing options to match your client’s needs. When they sign in to their account, they receive their own personal version of the catalog. Supporting your customers’ needs online has never been easier.


Multiple Payment Options


Increase options for your customers by adding multiple forms of payment to the checkout process. You can offer payment on an account, via credit card, and via PayPal. Let your customers choose what is most convenient to their business, allowing flexibility for everyone.


Mobile-Ready Site Optimization


Take your site on the go with mobile-ready optimization. Magento managed support from Forix will make sure your site is ready to use anywhere. Businesses will love the advantage of ordering on the go, and you will love the increase in orders that result. Your site will display beautifully and accurately on any device, increasing customer satisfaction and results. Not only does this provide happy customers, but it will also increase your search engine optimization. Google loves optimized websites and gives them a boost in the search results. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.

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