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Pursue a Data-Driven Redesign for Your Magento Website

pursue data-driven redesign for magento
As you begin making plans for your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, it’s important to know the full scope of the tactics you can employ to determine what methods work best. Although standard user experience testing can be helpful, leveraging the power of data-driven decisions and designs has proven to be a more effective technique for conversion rate optimization. The aid of Magento managed support from best Magento developer Forix can guide you through the process of testing and utilizing existing data to make significant changes on your Magento website.


Data-Driven Redesign for Conversion Rate Optimization


Tweaking your website using methods that aren’t backed up by data means taking the risk of wasting your time and effort on ineffective means of improving your conversion rate. Raising your Magento store’s conversion rate necessitates a comprehensive set of evidenced-based tactics supported by concrete data. When examined next to the impact of making user experience (UX) testing the primary source of information for CRO tactics, using data-driven testing is a whopping seven times more likely to produce significant CRO results.


If you’d like to learn more about how the results of data-driven redesign compare to the results of UX testing, connect with our Magento managed services team here at top Magento agency Forix for additional information.


Using Data-Driven Redesign in Your CRO Plan


Your data-driven CRO strategy from Magento support services will focus heavily on the fundamental components of data-driven testing, such as:


  • Looking at the full scope of your data before developing a hypothesis to investigate. While it’s best to start off with A/B testing, you should make a point to examine the results produced from alternate variables.


  • After you’ve interpreted the outcomes of these examinations, conduct another test to double check and polish your estimations. You should pay special attention to what sort of changes are most likely to compel major variances. You should start by making adjustments you believe will have the most significant influence.


  • While making small changes can produce meaningful results, they may not be enough to render them worth making. When you’ve finished adjusting the larger components of your Magento website, you can shift your focus to the smaller elements.


  • Ensure you are conducting tests that are long enough to produce precise outcomes. Though a short test might seem as if it can render meaningful results, the information produced might not be adequate to secure full validity. To ensure you know what’s worth incorporating in your CRO strategy and what isn’t, consult with the experts at top Magento agency Forix to learn how Magento ongoing support can help you maximize the impact of your CRO efforts.


Want to hear more about data-driven redesign for your Magento website? Talk to a certified tech expert at Forix. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.

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