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Updating Your Magento B2B Website

Updating Magento B2B Website
Magento provides a solid platform for B2C and B2C eCommerce websites alike, integrating a flexibility of design, tools, and features that are perfect for growing a business in the online environment. Regular updates from Magento bring further enhancements to the platform, making staying up-to-date on these upgrades essential to getting the most out of your Magento B2B online store. To stay on top of these updates, look to top magento agency Forix, for help from our Magento ongoing support team.

Many of the newest updates included in Magento 2.2 contain B2B-geared features that further enable business owners to continue to enhance and grow their websites. For help with upgrading and other necessary updates for B2B online stores, Forix’s Magento managed support team can update your Magento version and take advantage of the latest features.


Advantages of Magento 2.2 for B2B

Upgrading your eCommerce store is the best way to get access to the Magento B2B designed features that will help you gain better control of your site – and your business growth. Forix’s Magento managed support experts can help implement the enhanced features such as:

  • Advanced account management tools. Both store managers and customers can have more comprehensive access to account management. Customers can request their own company accounts, while merchants now have more features to organize and segment customer information for more accurate data, targeted marketing, and designated representatives.


  • Receive and manage quote requests. Previously, the ability to receive and manage quote requests through Magento was only possible through a third-party extension. 2.2 has these features by default, allowing customers to make and track quote requests from shopping carts. Merchants can monitor and customize quotes, as well as access relevant data.


  • Streamlined order processes. With stock keeping unit (SKU) cart options, customers can build and submit repeat orders for products with ease, plus they can receive notifications about when products are in stock. Merchants can create requisition lists to optimize the process further.


  • Payments on credit. Magento 2.2 allows for default credit-based payments options without needing to install extensions. Merchants can then go in and set credit restrictions for minimum and maximum order limits, individual customers, and even countries.


  • Automated shipping processes. No one on either end of the B2B spectrum enjoys high shipping costs, and automating shipping processes can help reduce these expenses. Merchants can organize store products and product allocation rules, even across shipping locations.


These are just some of the tools available to enhance your B2B online store through updating Magento 2. Whether you need to upgrade from Magento 1 or just want to update your site with these great features, Forix is the solution to your Magento B2B needs, and the Magento managed services team will ensure your B2B site is taken care of. Our skilled developers can quickly integrate new features, inform you how to best make use of them, and keep you abreast of all new updates as they arrive.

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