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UX Audits and Your Sports Apparel Magento Website

UX Audits for Sports Apparel Magento Website
User experience audits, also known as UX audits, are a useful tool to reveal the major pain points about your website. We collect real data from users, showing exactly where your site could use more help and what works well for your business. Forix’s Magento Ongoing Support team is here to help. We’ve got a trained team of experts who can analyze the data and turn your website into a lead-generation magnet to drive conversion growth and a revenue increase.


How Does a UX Audit Work?


During a UX audit, users rate a series of design elements and characteristics of a website. These can include:


  • Business and user objectives
  • Ease of navigation
  • Search features
  • Usability statistics
  • Customer care
  • Overall impressions


All of these put together make up the core of your web page. If your visitors are not happy, then your business will suffer. No one wants to buy items from a web page they can’t use. Get your sports apparel seen by enlisting Forix’s Magento Managed Support team’s help.

What Is the Difference Between User Testability and UX Audits?


UX audits have a specific set of goals. Each participant needs to judge the website on the same goals, not deviating from the rating scale. A user test shows one user’s experience on a website. The user can choose how to navigate the site, essentially performing a different way for each user involved. The information gathered in both can help to fix pain points on a website, but the UX test offers more insight into how different types of people would accomplish the same goal.


When to Use a UX Audit?


The best time to use a UX audit is during the design process for your sports apparel online store. During the redesign process, it can tell you what to change, what users would like to see added and how you can make it more functional. Top Magento developer Forix will handle the UX audit for you. We use them in the design process to see how users perceive your site and what changes will increase the user experience.


What to Look for in a UX Audit


Be sure to have some goals in mind about what you want to learn from a UX audit. Is there a particular part of your website you’d like to explore? A new feature you are thinking about adding? In theory, an audit could go on forever, so set a time limit and a budget for the session. Take the information and learn from it. Top Magento developer Forix is available to help walk you through the UX audit of your site. We provide comprehensive results, showing you exactly what needs modification. Our Magento technical support will use all the information collected to improve your site and your user experience.


By using UX audits, Top Magento developer Forix can hit the ground running with the necessary data to improve your sports apparel online website. Get in touch with Forix today to get started. We’re ready to help you take the next steps. Work with a reliable Adobe AEM agency- reach out to Forix to hear more.

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