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What Is Adobe Experience Manager?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive solution that allows your company to combine your content management system (CMS) and digital asset tools into one, overarching Digital Experience Platform (DXP). With a fleet of Adobe AEM tools at your disposal, your business has the power to visualize and control every aspect of marketing that your brand presents to customers and leads across all channels. Your business can build and control websites, track lead generation, administrate mobile apps, and more.


AEM streamlines your digital asset management experience. Your company has the ability to use all marketing tools in an omnichannel format. Reach all your customers and targets by utilizing one, overarching system. By creating a database of your marketing assets and combining them with available templates, the AEM tools allow you to spend less time managing your marketing resources and more time using your creative brainpower to grow your business.


What Can Adobe AEM Do?


Adobe Experience Manager is ideal for businesses of all industries and sizes. It works to generate brand power by building streamlined, memorable customer experiences. Integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud helps bring consistent brand messaging to all your platforms. Some of AEM’s other notable features include:


  • Management of your mobile content. Shoppers are more likely to make decisions on a mobile application than they are a desktop computer. As such, your messaging should adapt readily to the source responsible for most of the world’s internet traffic. AEM delivers rich, memorable content experiences across all consumer devices.


  • Facilitation of your ecommerce efforts. Using Adobe Target, your business has access to insights like average order value. Native tools help you reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales.


  • Management of your marketing campaigns. Access to a suite of proprietary tools allow you to create campaigns and follow their success in real time. Segment your messaging by audience and create personalized experiences that consumers have come to expect in the digital age.


  • Management of social media. Insights and tools through the Adobe AEM platform help you increase your social media conversions and create beautiful experiences through responsive design.


  • Target and capture new leads. Create automatic profiles for targets, customize your website content based on previous interactions and purchase history, and much more.


  • Management of multiple sites. Deploy your content across multiple sites with ease. Adobe’s tools make it possible to organize your content across a single, simple platform or across multiple franchises spread throughout the country.


Your Adobe Experience Manager Agency


Forix can help you achieve your business goals with Adobe AEM implementation and Adobe AEM development services. We specialize in creating efficient backend processes, websites with speedy load times, and designing custom integrations for your Adobe platform. With the help of Magento managed support, your business can focus on growing, while we take care of the rest. Spend more time innovating, and less time managing with Forix. Discover the difference Magento managed services like Adobe AEM can make, with the benefit of Magento ongoing support. Contact us today to talk to one of our web development experts.



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