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3 Common Magento Performance issues and ways to fix them


Magento itself can be the sharpest tool in your shed, but quite often performance issues may cause your Magento Website to run slower. This can be disastrous, as a slow website may cause significant damages such as loss of customers and decreasing profits.

E-commerce allows businesses of all sizes to excel. The global e-commerce market is expected to reach 6 trillion dollars by 2023. Thus, your customers need to have access to your e-commerce website so that your business can grow substantially.

Why is Magento performance optimization important?

  • A slow-loading site will result in higher chances of abandonment. Magento optimization services make sure to understand the root cause of the problem to speed up the loading speed of your website.
  • The process of Magento performance optimization starts by configuring your Magento website which analyzes the different factors that could be contributing to the poor performance of your website.
  • Regular speed tests and performance checks are also carried out by your Magento performance optimization agency to ensure that your website is performing at its best.

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3 common Magento performance issues:

Given below are three common Magento performance issues and some ways to fix them:

1. Choosing an Incorrect Theme

Contrary to popular belief readily available themes are not always suitable for all businesses. They may be of poor quality, poorly coded, and may be equipped with features that may not be of use to you. In certain instances, they may appear suitable for accomplishing your business goals but in reality, may end up causing issues for your website performance.
This is why you should avoid such mistakes and choose themes that are suitable for your business needs and goals. Alternatively, you can also choose customized themes that are tailored to fit your business needs. Make sure to choose options that offer good quality codes, customizable designs, and functionality.

2. Excessive use of third-party extensions

Magento offers a vast range of extensions. This may pose a problem or as a solution for business owners.
While a well-planned strategy makes use of essential extensions a poorly constructed strategy makes use of several extensions that decreases the functionality of the website instead of increasing it. In certain instances, these extensions may be of poor quality and may hinder the experience of your customers.
The best way to avoid such situations would be to invest in reliable development companies that offer good-quality extensions.

3. Choosing an incorrect mode

Magento has four modes and choosing the correct operations mode is essential. When no modes are specified Magento operates on default mode. You can choose the developer mode when you are extending or customizing your website. The production mode is equipped to handle live traffic on your ecommerce website and the maintenance mode is the best solution for updating or upgrading your website.

Thus, with the above-mentioned solutions, you can easily solve some common Magento performance issues and reduce the chances of site abandonment.

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