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Adobe Officially Obtains Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce is an award-winning company with a cloud-based digital platform that provides commerce solutions, now as a part of Adobe.


San Jose, California – June 19, 2018 – Adobe has officially obtained Magento Commerce, making the award-winning company a part of its organization. This new relationship provides companies with a more thorough experience under a single platform. Businesses have access to a variety of functions, including marketing, analytics, content creation, and commerce for B2C and B2B customers with one Adobe experience when the Adobe Experience Cloud is combined with the Magento Commerce Cloud. The commerce solution that Magento Commerce brings to Adobe will allow Adobe to have strong and competitive commerce capabilities. Magento has continuously been ranked as one of the leading commerce platforms in the world.


Now “people aren’t just buying products, they’re buying experiences . . . with Magento Commerce, Adobe will further solidify its leadership position,” said Brad Rencher, executive vice president and general manager of digital experience at Adobe.


Magento CEO Mark Lavelle is equally optimistic about the new relationship. “As a part of Adobe, we see a tremendous business opportunity to power experience-driven commerce for brands and merchants of all sizes,” he said.


Magento Commerce excels in flexibility as an international commerce solution and a top provider in North America, Europe, and Latin America. The platform can work with companies across all industries and of all sizes. The scalable cloud-based platform allows Magento to work for companies as they grow. Magento offers many services outside of the base commerce platform. The new Adobe acquisition makes Magento part of a complete and effective customer experience that involves all steps in the digital process.


Magento has received numerous awards and remains one of the most widespread, effective, reliable commerce solutions on a global level. It is designed to help brands thrive in the competitive and constantly shifting business world.


Forix appreciates the full capability Magento Commerce offers its customers. Forix has the expertise and skills to assist the digital presence of companies in almost all industries, including manufacturing, automotive, outdoor and sporting goods, and fashion and apparel.


Forix helped improve Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor. Forix used Magento Commerce’s platform to design and implement a website that helped improve all areas of online retail enterprise.


Forix also helped Glory Bee, a honey company, using Magento’s Commerce platform Forix’s efforts increased Glory Bee’s retail revenue by 30 % and wholesale revenue by 27 %.


Interested in learning more about how Magento could benefit your business? Reach out to an expert at Forix, and hear about the many services we provide.


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