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4 Successful Magento Websites From Forix

Forix is a top agency for website planning, designing, building, and ongoing managed services and technical support. We create optimized eCommerce shopping experiences, so our clients can enjoy better business success; then, we consistently support website maintenance to ensure long-term positive results. With 60-plus Magento 2 certifications, over 100 employees, and more than 750 successful site launches, we’re doing something right. Look at a few shining success stories from our portfolio as examples of what our Magento developers can do.




McDavid Inc. designs and sells sports products, including protection, equipment, performance apparel, and sports medicine for athletes and general consumers. The team at McDavid came to Forix needing to transition its brick-and-mortar establishment to the virtual world. Forix’s developers created a subtle yet optimal online and catalog experience for McDavid, focusing on maximizing eCommerce sales and facilitating the sales funnel. McDavid worked with Forix’s developers on the website every step of the way to personalize their support and services.


McDavid’s website now educates consumers on the sports product industry without bogging down the buyer journey with too much information. It creates an educational yet engaging experience for users, thanks to the power of Forix’s ongoing support and managed services. McDavid’s Magento website has the technical aspects in its back end to provide a seamless and intuitive user interface (UI), with unique design elements that set the brand apart. Forix’s developers provided new icons and visual support to bring products to life.


The on-site improvements and ongoing Magento support from Forix during the creation of McDavid’s website led to outstanding results. Our agency is proud to report that McDavid experienced a 55% jump in revenue, 64% increase in conversion rates, and 44% increase in the brand’s number of transactions after our developers provided their services. Our managed support, website maintenance, and services from award-winning Magento developers made this enormous growth possible for McDavid.


Next Adventure


Next Adventure is a Portland-based retailer in the business of selling outdoor gear at competitive process. Unfortunately, outdated fulfillment systems and a low-quality eCommerce experience prevented Next Adventure from reaching its full potential. That’s where Forix’s experienced Magento developers and ongoing managed services intervened. With Forix’s support, Next Adventure created a stunning Magento website from the ground up.


The brand’s Magento site uses a retooled ERP integration, custom shipping system, and intuitive point-of-sale system to help Next Adventure attract new sales and scale its business long into the future. Our managed services, ongoing website maintenance, and one-on-one technical help from developers allowed our agency to significantly improve Next Adventure’s bottom line by keeping the brand relevant – in Portland and nationally.


Thanks to our managed services (complete with more than 25 custom integrations), Next Adventure’s website achieved a 22% decrease in user bounce rate and a 42% increase in average order value. Our top developers used website maintenance strategies such as a fresh look, automated services, simplified shopping cart, and item recommendations to tackle this company’s biggest eCommerce challenges. Now they can stay relevant and profitable far into the future.




GloryBee is a thriving B2B that Forix was ecstatic to be able to help. This is the Pacific Northwest’s largest honey distributor. While the company was thriving, its technical support was sorely lacking. Lack of an optimized Magento website and ongoing managed services made GloryBee’s eCommerce game a nightmare. Luckily, the brand came to Forix just in time to reverse a business slump.


Forix’s developers completely redesigned GloryBee’s Magento website, consolidating content that was split across seven different domains. Our top Magento developers equipped the site with a fully responsive design, simplified wholesale process, and optimized conversation funnel. Our Magento website building and managed services were exactly what GloryBee needed to boost sales and resolve its current website issues.


Our developers and technical experts developed a custom all-in-one solution for GloryBee that enabled the brand to effortless control its inventory, promotions, content, customer services, and more. We used consistent website maintenance and other top strategies to combine the company’s seven different domains, simplifying how it does eCommerce. The results were amazing: a 30% increase in revenue, 27% increase in wholesale revenue, and drastically reduced Magento site management time.




Dakine specializes in selling outdoor clothing and equipment for alternative sports. This brand came to Forix for Magento services and support regarding its lack of scalability. Dakine was experiencing rapid growth. This is a good problem to have to be sure, but one that could potentially lead to Magento website crashes, too much traffic, slow load times, and other technical issues without ongoing managed support.


Forix stepped in, working with Dakine to help the brand achieve its specific goals. We used a deep-system evaluation to see how we could optimize Dakine’s website and content strategy. Then, we followed a clear plan for success, streamlining the system into a single CMS, updating the Magento site’s front end, and drastically improving SEO. The finished website is a stunning, responsive, and completely optimized website that benefits from Forix’s ongoing managed services.


Thanks to our dependable agency, Dakine reported six times the amount of retail revenue, twice the mobile revenue, and almost three times the amount of unique purchases on their eCommerce website. Our mobile-optimized technical innovations and smart planning helped Dakine achieve the effortless scalability it desperately needed to keep up with sharp increase in revenue. Forix enabled Dakin to keep growing without any major website issues or deficiencies.


Reach Out for Your Custom, Optimized Magento Website


Forix wants to know: what’s your biggest eCommerce challenge? Whatever it is, our developers are up for the task of coming up with a resolution. We’ve transformed hundreds of brands with our reliable, trusted digital services, including Sexy Hair, CRKT, Franklin, Versare, Schutt Sports, Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor, ErgoDepot, and SIGMA. With each client, we take an in-depth look at the brand’s current website and practices and assess where they need improvement.


Then, we craft a unique, personalized strategy for recreating or optimizing the Magento website, providing ongoing support, and enhancing the technical and maintenance aspects of the eCommerce store. We take pride in the outstanding results that our clients have enjoyed and are happy to help big and small stores make the next step toward a lifetime of business success. Find out how we can revolutionize your Magento website – and boost your business by extension. Talk with our team to learn more.


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