Magento Integration With 3PL

Magento Integration With 3PL

Businesses rely on Magento to offer their products and services to online shoppers and provide vendors and suppliers with the most up-to-date product information and pricing. A Walker Sands study on the future of retail said when the study polled thousands of consumers, nine out of 10 said free shipping was the most crucial factor when it came to deciding to buy.

Users add more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping. They often wait to make purchases because they’re waiting for free shipping to become available. Even if they love items in their cart, they may abandon them if they feel shipping costs are too high.

Businesses use third-party logistics (3PL) to manage costs. The competition is steep, with Amazon offering free shipping that sometimes arrives within hours. An experienced 3PL provider knows logistics, manufacturing procedures, and supply chain visibility and leverages resources to minimize expense. Software continually negotiates with providers to find the lowest possible costs.

If your Magento site and your 3PL aren’t integrated, when customers place an order, someone must transfer the request to your 3PL software. Integration automates that data transfer to save time and improve customer satisfaction. Here are just a few of the ways integration improves communication.

Sales and purchase orders go directly from Magento to your 3PL provider.

When customers request a return, Magento authorizes approved shipping costs to your 3PL automatically.

Tracking information, confirmation of delivery, and shipping fee adjustments are instantaneously available in Magento.

Automatically adjust Magento data for partial order fulfillment or multiple packages.