SugarCRM Integration With Magento

SugarCRM Integration With Magento

You interact with your customers through a variety of channels. You carefully craft campaigns and train sales professionals to work through marketing and social media channels. You design your Magento e-commerce store to offer the best online shopping experience available. You use SugarCRM to carefully track leads, opportunities, contacts, and orders. What if every bit of the data you gather – every in-person and online customer interaction – were available in one place? Imagine the insight you could gain, the benefits you could reap from SugarCRM and Magento e-commerce integration.

Two Tools, One Infrastructure

Businesses choose Magento for e-commerce because of its potential for customization. Magento was designed for integration with some of the most popular CRM systems, giving users the following benefits.

Connect multiple stores to SugarCRM. No matter where your customers shop, their data synchronizes to a single administration panel.

Synchronize data automatically. There’s no need to transfer data manually from Magento because integration causes it to happen automatically.

Magento and SugarCRM share information. When customers place orders or share preferences elsewhere, the information flows both ways.

Help users make decisions. SugarCRM has insight into what your customers are seeking. Magento can use that information to make suggestions that facilitate the purchasing process.

Improve customer service. If a customer updates an email address in Magento, SugarCRM automatically knows to send marketing material to the new location. If a customer starts a return online and places a phone call to support, the staff knows what has already occurred.

See the big picture. Instead of viewing Magento data separately from what’s contained in SugarCRM, perform a more comprehensive analysis using Magento’s data visualization tools and SugarCRM’s insightful breakdowns.

Expert Integration of Magento and Sugar CRM

Forix is an expert with both Magento web development and e-commerce. Our professionals can work with you to create a new, more effective e-commerce website or make the most of your current assets. Get in touch with Forix today to start planning your website development or Magento integration with Sugar CRM.