Magento eCommerce Integration with NetSuite ERP

E-commerce owners just opening their online stores use Magento to build their websites and offer their products for its free open-source code and no licensing fees. Big brands use Magento for e-commerce, because it’s one of the most powerful web development platforms available. Businesses of both sizes use NetSuite ERP to manage front and back-office processes, from billing to fixed assets to inventory management. Integrating the two saves time and money and makes it easier to get the most out of both systems.

Why Integrate NetSuite ERP and Magento?

When businesses integrate their e-commerce websites with NetSuite ERP, they receive faster order fulfillment, more up-to-date product availability, and up-to-the minute status updates on everything to do with each order. Here are just a few of the areas you’ll see improvement in after integration.

Stock level consolidation. Prevent under- or over-selling by keeping stock levels unified.


Order management. As soon as your online shoppers check out on your Magento website, their orders become visible in NetSuite.


Enhanced shipping and order fulfillment. Integrate both solutions for advanced fulfillment coordination. Provide your warehouse with picking, packing, and shipping information and send customers real-time tracking information.

Payment processing. Whether customers check out at a point of sale terminal, through NetSuite, or on your Magento site, all data flows to one place. Track refunds and cancellations through the same system.


Product management. Update product pricing, variations, descriptions, and other information from NetSuite and changes are reflected automatically in Magento.


Manage multiple stores. No matter how many Magento stores you have, they can all funnel data to one NetSuite instance.


Integrate NetSuite OneWorld With Magento

The cloud-based NetSuite OneWorld platform operates from the cloud, so your organization can connect to facilities across the globe. Combine trade on multiple continents and use Magento’s currency conversion capabilities along with NetSuite OneWorld’s functionality.


Forix Has NetSuite ERP Integration Specialists

Instead of enduring multiple systems with duplicate data, receive a smooth connection between NetSuite and Magento. Streamline your data sync across platforms and consolidate information for superior usability when you contact the Magento-certified integration specialists at Forix today.


Didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Check out Magento’s vast list of extensions, and chances are you will find the solution there. There are countless connectors to choose from, and Forix will help integrate them into your Magento site with ease. More interested in web services and APIs? Forix is an expert in those as well, just reach out.