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Intuit QuickBooks ERP Integration with Magento

Intuit QuickBooks ERP makes transaction management and financial reporting much simpler than traditional methods. Organizations see all transactions related to income from one screen, allowing them to quickly input expenses, view currency exchange from multiple banks, and create professional financial statements. Magento is extremely popular for designing e-commerce websites for its enormous variety of customization capabilities, its mobile-friendly displays, extensive security features, and more.

Many businesses use Intuit QuickBooks ERP for accounting, and Magento for selling products to the public, unaware the two can work together as one tool. They must manually transfer sales information from Magento into their QuickBooks system, which requires time and increases the possibility of errors.

Magento QuickBooks Integration Benefits

After Forix integrates Intuit QuickBooks ERP with your Magento website, all data exchange becomes automatic. Instead of needing to manually transfer information, it updates every time there is a change anywhere in Magento or QuickBooks. Tax rates automatically synchronize, and changes apply to both solutions.

When customers make a purchase through their shopping carts in Magento, QuickBooks becomes aware of the transaction. Invoicing and payment processing follow, without you having to touch a key.

If customers update their phone numbers, billing addresses, or payment information when they place a Magento order, QuickBooks files are also updated. When they make a return, your accounting package adjusts.

At tax time, you don’t have to spend a minute inputting the data that’s been piling up or gathering information for your accountant. Synchronize Magento input with your bank account, track and manage inventory at every step of its journey, and provide information on income and expenses to your financial department.

Magento Intuit QuickBooks ERP Integration Done Right

You use the best available accounting solution and the most preferred solution for e-commerce. Hire top experts to manage your Intuit QuickBooks integration to take your business to the next level. Contact our Magento certified Magento support staff to begin your integration today.