Magento Integration With AS/400 ERP

Magento Integration With AS/400 ERP

Sometimes business owners don’t realize their Magento site for e-commerce can be integrated with their ERP, especially when they’re using legacy sites such as AS/400. IBM introduced AS/400 in 1988 and later renamed it System i. Many organizations are still using it, because it works. It’s possible to continue to enjoy the features you’re comfortable with while viewing associated data and adding the capabilities of your Magento e-commerce site.

AS/400 Integration Benefits

When you integrate your Magento website with your ERP, you can use both solutions from one dashboard, which improves your business in these ways:

You spend less on inventory. Only currently in-stock merchandise from AS/400 shows on your Magento site. When users order and stock decreases, you can set the system to automatically order more. You have the option of shipping directly from vendors to customers, taking out the middle step. You don’t have to keep extra merchandise on hand to ensure timely fulfillment.

You have happier customers. Because you only offer what you can deliver, and shipping occurs quickly, your customers recommend you to their friends and return to your e-commerce site again and again.

Automation reduces errors. Customer information, purchasing history, and payment data update automatically. There’s no duplicate data entry by a human being, reducing entry mistakes and redundancy.

Receive more accurate data. With Magento, you have powerful analytics tools. When you integrate AS/400, you can apply those tools to data contained in both systems.

Magento Integration With IBM iSeries

Integration with AS/400 and IBM iSeries takes careful planning and implementation. Experts map critical data points for order download, inventory, order status, and more, using patches to avoid down time during site preparation and data migration. While the process is complex, businesses and customers both benefit from the results.

Your AS/400 ERP Integration Authorities

Forix has successfully launched more Magento 2 websites than any other company in the United States, and we have a large team of Magento-certified technicians. Your AS/400 integration will be a breeze with our help. Contact our Managed Support team to start developing your next integration today.


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