EnterWorks PIM Integration With Magento

Integrating EnterWorks PIM and your Magento website increases the marketing capabilities of Magento’s already powerful platform. Your organization’s PIM system contains product information and serves it to sales teams, marketing staff, retail locations, and marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy. It allows your organization to customize content according to customer behavior to make it more relevant and attractive. Your PIM makes it possible for staff members to collaborate from multiple locations and consolidates product data aggregators.

What Happens After Integration?

Integrating EnterWorks PIM with your Magento site allows more consistent product information exchange and facilitates greater collaboration among marketing and sales teams. You receive several key benefits.

Onboarding suppliers is simpler. Because you can supply the best possible product information through your Magento website, vendors and suppliers can use the most user-friendly search to place orders on any device.

Manage a high volume of data. EnterWorks PIM supports millions of products across as many channels and e-commerce stores as you need. Maintain catalogues and easily update attributes or product families.

Maintain data transparency. Whether you manipulate information manually or schedule automatic updates, EnterWorks PIM allows you to coordinate changes with corporate policies.

Simplify aggregation and consolidation. Collect product data from every channel you offer it on and easily optimize it to ensure you always offer the highest quality. Clean, synchronize, and publish refined data easily.

Encourage teamwork. When your staff members all have access to the same data, you can set achievable deadlines for content creation knowing your team has the best information at their fingertips.