ChannelAdvisor Integration Magento

ChannelAdvisor Integration Magento

In the beginning, e-commerce was simple. There were few competitors, and the technology was just beginning to develop. As time went by, the number of channels increased. Users started shopping not just at home on their desktops, but using smartphones on the road and in stores. Competition started to destroy brands that had been household names for decades.

ChannelAdvisor offered e-commerce solutions from the beginning, starting in 2001 and growing to become a leader in technology. ChannelAdvisor connects retailers and manufacturers to digital marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and enables marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.

Top brands also rely on Magento’s platform for e-commerce. While ChannelAdvisor costs, Magento is free open source. The Community Edition has an active developer community and developers can alter source code to customize sites according to each business’s needs. It includes user dashboards, inventory management capabilities, product bundling, and progressive shipping administration.

A partnership between Magento and ChannelAdvisor helps retailers expand their online businesses. Integration draws product data contained in Magento into ChannelAdvisor. Retailers and manufacturers currently using Magento can then use product information and current marketing efforts to advertise through Google, social media, and other marketplace sites.

Integration provides a wider customer base and greater marketing potential, which improves sales. No matter where products are sold, transactions flow back to Magento for order fulfillment. Magento becomes the data hub for streamlined workflows.

Businesses access ChannelAdvisor’s tools for e-commerce success and Magento’s incredible collection of data. They can connect to customers they otherwise might not reach. They sell more, ship faster, and offer better customer experiences to speed past the competition.

Skillful ChannelAdvisor Integration

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